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Thank you to Rob Larsen photography
Thank you to Rob Larsen photography

Buying a home in Boulder, Colorado? You’ll want to know how to get around and this series of blogs is all about transportation. My previous blog focused on Walk Scores and Bicycle.  Check it out.

Of course, sometimes getting there is all the fun.  And Boulder is a great place to have some fun and excitement while traveling.  There are bike paths, walking trails, hiking spots and more in Boulder. And for the adventurous, there are plenty of ways to have a thrilling day in Boulder.

Boulder by Water

Every summer, Citizens and visitors to Boulder alike grab inner tubes and head to Eben G. Fine park to have a day of cooling off in the Boulder Creek as it rushes down Boulder Canyon.  Float by the public library, government offices, Dushanbe Tea House and more.  There is no lifeguard on duty for this exhilarating activity, so be sure you are a good swimmer, wear protective shoes and a bicycle helmet for safety and enjoy the creek in pairs for safety.

The Boulder Res offers boating options as well.  And you need not wait for summer. Come out this weekend to see me jump into the frigid waters for a good cause.

Boulder by Air

From local airports, flying enthusiasts can take to the skies over Boulder. On any given warm, sunny day you are apt to see fearless glider pilots catching thermals over Boulder, small planes flying about and even the occasional ultralight along the flatirons.  To the north, there are skydiving options in Longmont for the really adventurous.

Inner tubing young people on the Boulder Creek
Photo by Rob Larsen

Mountain biking in Boulder is fantastic. There are wonderful designated trails.  Check out a local bike shop for a list of solid rides.  For road bicycling enthusiasts, just clip into your saddle and start up any of the canyons in Boulder.  You’ll be sure to have a great workout going up, and a speedy descent.

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