Boulder Tree House

a multi level tree house, complete with tire swing. looks a little rickety.
Tree House on East Side of Boulder County along Isabelle Road

An Interview with Aaron Smith, Founder TreeCraft

I recently had an opportunity to chat with local tree house designer and builder Aaron Smith.  Aaron’s career is focused on building extraordinary tree houses.  Not merely locally in Boulder, but all over the country.  I asked Aaron how he became a Boulder tree house builder, and here’s what he says, “I have a masters degree in architecture.  I’ve been designing and building for different construction crews for four years.

First for a high-end timber framing company and more recently building tiny homes.   I had the opportunity to build a Boulder tree house as a side project last year and was instantly hooked!  To me it’s this perfect combination of design on a small scale creative level, and custom building in unique and challenging ways.  The biggest reward is in creating a space that is fun and inspiring.  It is icing on the cake to see children’s’ eyes light up!

(Bob) What tree house has had the biggest impact on your career?   (Aaron) My dad built a tree fort in a giant Maple tree in our backyard when my brother and I were young.  I have such amazing memories of our imaginations running wild out there.  It had a trap door that opened onto the flat roof of the tree house, and from there sprawled the huge canopy of great climbing branches.

custom built tree fort
Entrepreneur and custom builder Aaron with TreeCraft designs Tiny Houses and custom tree forts like this one.

I got to know that tree like the back of my hand.  I want the treehouses I build to spark that same sense of creative wonder, freedom, and imagination that I remember so fondly.  (Bob) this part I can really relate to.  We had big Maple trees in our backyard.  I loved to climb to the very top of those trees as a kid.  About a half mile away, I had a tree fort up back in the woods.    While I’ve never spent a night in a tree, I asked Aaron if he had.  He says, “Yes!  In my childhood tree house.”  We used to camp out there all the time with friends.  The access route was a rope ladder that could be retracted within the tree house so it felt nice and secure.   Aaron’s father even  camped out one night, but he had to sleep diagonally in the fort so he could fit!

Kids Tree House

I mean, who doesn’t want to live in a tree house? C’mon, when I was a kid, I would spend entire summers building tree forts.  Had a lot of adventures too.  On one occasion, a friend was trying to prevent anyone else from getting into the fort. So he cut off all the extra branches. There was one he just couldn’t reach, so he climbed onto the branch and starting sawing between the tree and himself. I’m not making this up, ask my brother, he saw it happen. Well, as the guy was sawing, there was a huge crack sound, and the branch and friend plummeted from the tree.  We laughed so hard when that branch broke and our friend was dumped on the ground. He is fine btw; alas that tree fort was eventually torn down.

Seeking Tree House

Lately, I’ve been on the look out for amazing tree houses around Boulder. Hope you will share your favorite tree house story and photos of your past, current or future dream tree house.

tree house in baseline sub
Tree house submission from Baseline and Aurora Terrace neighborhood
A tree house is built around a tree with walls and windows.
Tree house in NoBo

Have you visited the tree house on Tom Sawyer island at Walt Disney World? When I took my son to the theme park, of all the rides and attractions, getting him to leave that amazing jungle gym of a tree house was the most difficult task.  There is just something about tree houses and tree forts that is so much fun.  Even kids love real estate it seems. Here are some photos for the kid inside us all.

Update: had a client send in a photo of a tree house this week. Here it is.  Keep ’em coming along!!

a tree house sits high up with branches coming out of it in several places
Tree fort in East Boulder
dangerous looking 4 story boulder tree house
An epic 4-story dangerous looking Boulder tree house spotted one day by Aaron Smith near Erie
boulder tree house
Boulder tree house in Baseline neighborhood
treecraft tree house
A TreeCraft original custom design

Share your Boulder tree house

Send your photos to and I will share them on this site. Share your stories in the comments section below. Looking forward to hearing about your Boulder tree house adventures.

Indian tree sculpture
Tree becomes art
a red caboose in a backyard in Boulder near Baseline and Cherry Vale
A red caboose. – the ultimate fort in backyard








More Boulder Tree Houses !!!

tree house in boulder spanish hills
While shooting photos for my neighborhood of the week in Boulder Spanish Hills, I saw this great tree house. what is your favorite tree house?
aaron smith tree house
Aaron Smith, Boulder tree house builder TreeCraft custom craft this play structure

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