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a city fox in Boulder Colorado
City Fox, spotted at Hoover and 10th in Longmont

Its not uncommon to see all sorts of wildlife in Boulder. Weekends, college kids are going wild.  But this post isn’t really about CU Boulder students. It is about the animals you will see living in Boulder.

Big Year in Birds in Boulder

wild fox in city of Boulder
City Fox

Eagles, hawks and other birds of prey are quite common.  Rabbits, Prairie Dogs, and assorted small rodents are also quite often spotted about town.  If you keep a sharp eye out, you will see Owls.  These magnificent birds hunt at twilight.  On one occasion – too fast pull out a camera – I saw a coyote run across the road.  Even as I was gushing at the sight, a moment later, an Owl swooped across the road.  The owl had an incredible wingspan -easily eight to ten feet.  He was about four feet off the ground and silently moving in for the kill on the coyote.  That was the most amazing thing I saw – in the city, blocks from my home.

Not that wild though common: Geese own the road in East Boulder

Recently, I spotted a city Fox. The photos are all of this wild animal, in Longmont at Hoover and 10th – really, a very busy location.   More common and less dangerous, you will see button tail deer grazing about Boulder.  Oftentimes you will, hear coyotes howling at dawn.  Just keep in mind, it is best to bring pets – especially cats and small dogs – in at night.  There are, on occasion, coyote attacks on domestic dogs.  For those really into wild animals, don’t be surprised to see bears and wild cats in the close in mountains.  I have spotted a mountain lion from my car and that is as close as I ever want to get!

What is your wild animal story?

Donna Feldman shared her wildlife story today and has graciously allowed me to reprint it here, in this blog.

Boulder Wild Life Bald Eagle
The Washington Park Bald Eagle

“I heard about the eagle a few weeks ago and was looking for him/her every time I went to the park but yesterday was the first time I saw him. As I was leaving the rec center I saw a big bird flying over the lake and realized it was the eagle. I watched him land in a tree and followed the crowd. Evidently he/she hangs out in the same tree for hours.   This morning he was there again. Just as I got to the tree he took off and flew to the other side of the lake. This picture was taken in Wash Park near the playground next to the boathouse. The bird just sat there posing for us.  He has a big fan club”.  You can reach Donna directly for business coaching and social media tutoring at at her website: .Here is a video of eagle in Wash Park.

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