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Ah, real estate in the winter. You know it is going to snow on a busy showing day. Here are some Boulder winter showing tips to make life better

Selling your home in the winter? Here are some suggestions to get the deal done quickly.  Remember, summer or winter, you want to make a great first impression.  This is my Top 10 list of tried and true Boulder winter showing tips.

Snow Days

Buyers view homes on snow days.  My own personal experience has been having multiple showings on the snowiest days.  So Boulder winter showing tip #1: have shovel ready.  On snow days (a dusting to a dump)  shovel the front walk, the deck, a pathway from your driveway or the street.  Home buyers appreciate it.

Boulder Public Library
Boulder Public Library

Boulder Winter Showing Tip # 2 – remember it is a big party coming into your house – an agent, one to two adults, possibly a child. Your front door mat might not be big enough, so on snow days leave out an extra towel or mat so buyers can clean up any water/snow as they enter.

Warm And Welcoming

One of my pet peeves when showing a home in the winter – signs that say “take your shoes off” combined with unheated houses.  It is fine to request no shoes.   A home with super low heat, and no shoes, is downright cold.  Keep buyers in your home to see how wonderful it is.  Keep the heat up!!

pine brook hills
It is not uncommon to see little snow on the ground, then find a northern exposure that is frozen in Boulder. Here is the frozen Pine Brook Hills Rez

Another solid Boulder Winter Showing Tip is leave the lights on. In the winter, it is not quite as bright inside.  Basements can feel dark and cold.  Leaving the lights on will cost a few extra cents, yet this can easily be recouped in the extra dollars you will get selling in the winter.

Top 10 Boulder Winter Showing Tips

  1. Shovel the snow.
  2. Extra mats or towels at door.
  3. Heat set to warm temp.
  4. Lights on for a cheery 1st impression.
  5. Candy dish and bottled water.  Summer or Winter, a dish of candy is an old school but worthwhile consideration.  Leaving bottled water in the fridge or on the counter top is very welcoming.
  6. Music.  Having lightly playing music can be inviting. In the winter, resist the temptation to play holiday tunes.  Go with something neutral and inviting.
  7.  Another solid Boulder winter showing tip: be sure your dog is crated or out of the house.  While your four legged friend’s bouncing and jumping behavior may be cute to you, on a snowy winter day it can be too much for buyers frazzled by the drive.  Pets out of a home is always a good idea.
  8. Easy showing options.
  9. Fill the bird feeder.
  10. Air it out.

A Few More Thoughts

Remember, during the winter, our homes tend to be closed up – “don’t let the heat out.”  So for showings, consider opening a window to air out your home -especially if you have been enjoying comfort foods such as bacon.

Easy showing instructions are helpful to Realtors. Your house is likely one of three or four the agent will be showing today.   If there is one all important Boulder winter showing tip it is this: make it easy to show your home. Longer showing period.  Fewer restrictions. Agents appreciate it especially on snow days when driving can be taxing.  Need a place to hide out all day for showings? How about a ski day for you.

Birds !

Finally, if you have a bird feeder, be sure to keep it filled.  Birds in winter are very cheerful.  Last but not least, holiday decorations.

Here is a post on De-cluttering for more ideas.

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