Boulder Winter Watering January 2013

Warm Boulder Winter

Boulder is experiencing a mild, dry winter, as occurs every so often in Colorado. Now is an important time to protect your lawn and shrubs. Watering in the winter is actually an important step, especially when we have so little snow.

Remember to detach hoses

Be certain to detach your hoses after watering – once the area gets cold again, an attached hose can cause big issues and crack water pipes. We still have a lot of winter ahead of us.

New Trees and Lawns

Whether you started a lawn from seed or sod, a new yard can be more susceptible to damage during a dry winter. Be sure to water your lawn a couple of times when warm, snow-less periods come about like the one we are experiencing now. Trees and shrub too can use a good drink at this time of year. Watering will help prevent a weak plant as the growing season gets started.

Need for watering

The dry, warm and sunny weather, with more in the forecast, creates a need for us to water our not-so-dormant lawns, shrubs and trees. Most winters, doing this two or three times is all that is needed to ensure a healthy outdoor space come Spring time. Water only when it is above forty degrees and there is no snow on the ground. Here is a helpful WinterWateringGuidelines created by CSU and shared with me by my friends at Raindance Landscapes.

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