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CrossFit Roots

City Chase Bob Gordon and Bo Lemire
Blog author Bob Gordon and client/friend Bo Lemire at the start of City Chase, a great Boulder workout !

I’m feeling motivated today following a new Boulder workout. I attended my first session of CrossFit yesterday.  Its not a club. In CrossFit it is called a Box.  Fitting. The space is a very large, a warehouse with gear lining two walls and plenty of mats, ropes, and pullup bars. Check out Crossfit Roots here.

The initial program is a four week course. Focusing on good form during the workout.  Who would have thought that practicing working out can be so difficult. Wrong.  My Boulder workout last night was super tough.  Doing a workout the right way is much more difficult than it sounds.

Not Another Gym Rat

Boulder workout in a swimmming pool at Powderhorn Condos
Create your own Boulder Workout. Many communities have swimming pools in Boulder

No worries, if you are looking for a good Boulder workout, you need not be a gym rat. There are so many great opportunities to stay in shape in this town.  The Boulder Running Company offers a club run on Wednesday evenings.  They go several miles and back with music, prizes and demo shoes available to participants.  

Wanaka Lake Exercise Trail
For a great Boulder workout, check out Wanaka Lake’s exercise loop

Looking for something low-key and at your own pace? Pick a trail, any trail and get out for a walk, hike or run.  My good friend Todd Butler visited Boulder Colorado and on a hike to Mount Sanitas said he would be there all the time running to stay fit.

Boulder Workouts Come in Many Flavors

The Bolder Boulder runs running workshops almost year round.  Boot camps are available around town for those looking for a hard core aerobic workout with minimal gear.  Packs of cyclists get their Boulder workout on after visiting Amante Coffee.

Wrecking Balls t-shirt
I played kickball this summer! That was a lot of fun. We came in 3rd

Boulder has three excellent recreation centers.  Louisville and Lafayette have rec centers as well.   Residents can get a great workout in or swim or take advantage of top notch training programs.  Super programs exist for youth residents as well. Be sure to check out the Boulder workout options at the YMCA.  Ice rinks to athletics.  And speaking of skating, there are a number of options in Boulder for ice and roller hockey fans.

Pretty much, whatever your speed, you’ll find a great Boulder workout that fits your needs!  Hey, I have to get to CrossFit. Time for day two of my training program!


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