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Let’s say you are a young upwardly mobile person thinking of relocating to Boulder Colorado with your company. Is this the city for you? Is there a great social scene for Boulder young professionals?

What’s the lifestyle during the day, evening, weekends? How much does the CU Boulder college impact the community? Hint: there are 300 days of sunshine in Boulder, so get out and enjoy it!

All great questions. This post aims to examine life from a twenty something to early thirties perspective.

Boulder is a really cool area and definitely has a distinctive vibe. It’s a college town with great grad programs. You will find there are many people within your age range!

a cu boulder young professional woman in boulder colorado working in a start up lab

Outdoor Enthusiasts Thrive

Boulder young professionals with an interest in the outdoors, skipping work for a killer powder day, jumping on a bike in lieu of lunch, these people are going to thrive in Boulder when not coding.

Not The Big City

On the other hand, the socially mobile type (funny, dynamic personality vs your standard nerdy engineering weirdo) might find beautiful Boulder to be a bit of a wasteland; by NYC standards, this place is quiet.

Its usually sunny outdoors. We have 300 days of sunshine, so get outside and enjoy the great weather while doing what you love!

Get Outdoors On The Weekend

On weekends, if you want to get away, the mountains are right there. Wintertime there are ski resorts, ice fishing, back country skiing, X-Games. Summers enjoy camping, mountain biking and music festivals. Year round there is fly fishing and hunting.

Climbing enthusiasts will find fantastic indoor clubs to hone their skills and just about every level of outdoor rock. Alex Honnold would be right at home!

Hey Boulder young professionals, make sure you take some time to go hiking. Even if it isn’t normally your thing. Hiking is really fun and there are some easier trails such as:

Bright Lights, Big City

If you are moving here for an all hours social scene, you are doing it wrong. This isn’t the Big City. Boulder definitely sleeps at night. When CU empties out the community gets even quieter.

Denver Relocation For Boulder Young Professionals

If your priority is a social scene, you may prefer to call Denver home and commute to Boulder. RTD offers fantastic bus service between Denver’s Union Station and downtown Boulder. Locals insist that someday light rail will connect the two communities.

Denver has much more going on than any other city in the region. Be sure to check out Lodo and Rino. Trendy areas in Denver have great abbreviated names.

Boulder Offers A Vibrant Social Scene

I know of meetups, casual sports leagues (think soccer/kick ball leagues). There are several indoor soccer clubs and recently the massive Sports Stable opened just outside of town.

Plus, there are trivia nights, game nights, DnD groups, hiking clubs, climbing clubs, ski clubs (you name it, there is a club), theater, dance (check out the Dairy Center for performing arts) and more.

This community offers so many different options/activities/unique things to do for Boulder young professionals beyond just going to a bar!

boulder young professionals pop out a lap top at a coffee shop and go to town on 1 gig free wi fi

If staying healthy is your thing, there are vegan dining options, all sorts of health clubs. Every sports craze makes it way to Boulder. The Iron Man series runs a race here. There is a Ninja gym. Did you say Crossfit? Its everywhere.

Coffee Houses: Boulder Young Professionals wanted

You will absolutely enjoy the cafe scene. The city is one of best places in the world for tech migrant work. Just pop open your laptop wherever you are and go to town.

Fast, absurdly fast and free down town WiFi (1 Gbps). Most every place is very accepting of sitting and working, even the nicer restaurants.

There’s a zillion Pearl Street coffee shops and people fill them up. The Boulder Public library is also a great place to sit. Enjoy the people. Enjoy the food. Enjoy the culture.

Coffee shops are a really productive and relaxed place to work remote, I’ve found.

Boulder Craft Brewery and 420 Scene

If this is your thing: Welcome home! There are numerous craft breweries around Boulder. Over 3,000 people work in the craft beer industry in Boulder. The chamber of commerce even has a recommended cycling route for beer connoisseurs.

Boulder young professionals gather at festive tap rooms throughout the community. There are little hotspots such as UpSlope tucked away in tech parks and big regional brewers such as Avery with a solid happy hour scene.

And the Boulder 420 scene is fabulous. A large number of shops, excellent edibles and low cost herb make this a great place to enjoy legal recreational marijuana.

Don’t miss it! Every Spring there is the mother of all parties in Denver celebrating 420.

Boulder Live Music

The music scene is vibrant with two theaters bringing in a wide variety of acts plus eTown hosting a weekly radio show. Creative bars such as Press Play feature video games. There is a good happy hour scene and a few spots with dancing.

Summertime catch live music as the Farmer’s Market or the city’s Wednesday afternoon after work party on the Pearl Street Mall.

Just remember when you first arrive, drink plenthy of water. And enjoy alcohol sparingly as it will affect you much more dramatically than at sea level. Its not uncommon to hear of noobs getting noticeably tipsy on just one beer when they’re new to living at altitude.

a group of boulder young professionals problem solving with one guy who arrived by bicycle

Where To Live?

Outside of Boulder things get quieter and more family oriented. Fast.

Longmont has more of a nightlife than say Louisville, Lafayette & Superior combined, yet it is definitely way more family oriented just like those communities.

Housing can be shockingly expensive if you are coming from the midwest. It’s peanuts if you are relocating from San Francisco. Boulder young professionals should be ready for a rental choice. It’s either overpriced faux luxury apartments built like crap or outdated, under updated over priced single owner rentals.

I’m exaggerating. There are a wide variety of housing opportunities around town. An ordinance even passed recently adding coops to the housing stock. And there are some cool communal living communities.

Boulder young professionals should be prepared to take some time once you get here to find your community within the city (as well as a better deal than whatever you found online before arriving).

The good news is Boulder has strong renter rights and a program to get landlords to improve the housing stock with energy smart regs.

Open Space

Impacting all of this are a lot of unique rules. Thirty five foot ceiling height limits on most construction. Sunshine/shade rules for owners popping the top on an existing residence.

An open space policy that results in a very high population in town, surrounded by wide open vistas.

There is even “permanently affordable” housing. This always makes me laugh. You have to earn a fraction of the median income, still qualify all on your lonesome for the mortgage.

Bottom line, renting or buying, it can seem expensive when you first move to become a Boulder young professional. The housing supply is constricted. This relates back to those 50K in-commuters.

This is the community everyone moves to

The median age in Boulder is 27. It’s a really incredibly young and superbly well educated town. Like many, I moved here out of college and have never once regretted it.

Technically women slightly outnumber men in Boulder (although in the coding Boulder young professional age range I think it is slightly more guy centric). I’ve never really felt like it’s a male-dominated town in any way.

With all the outdoor activities and an all-around health conscious community, people tend to be super fit and attractive here. Most people I meet are ‘Swipe Right!”

Boulder overall has a youthful vibe. CU Boulder has about 30,000 students.

Also, keep in mind that day to day, about 50,000 in-commuters come to Boulder for a wide variety of careers. All those extra people coming to the community … there are a ton of health clubs, restaurants, coffee shops!

That’s it. This is the community. Career Boulder young professionals will also find the local chamber has networking groups, check out facebook and reddit for more connections.

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