Buyer Agency: Previewing Property

One of the tasks a good buyer’s agent performs is previewing property.  It is all about separating the wheat from the chaff.  There are a lot  of houses out there that quite simply, can be a waste of a buyer’s time.

wall and traffic light
I discovered this “secluded” home feels a bit like a prison.


Dark Basements Still Scare Me … Sometimes

So I spent the afternoon previewing fourteen homes for my clients today.  I saw a little bit of everything. At one end of the spectrum, there was the scary house.  If you can imagine the house from Silence of the Lambs having a love child with Doc Brown’s house from Back to the Future, you would have a good impression of the scariest house I previewed today.  The basement was a labyrinth, dark, smelly and when I heard a fly buzz, I bolted.   But, outside, the house felt like a 1950’s rambler, with an awesome detached garage that might have held a Time Machine for all I know, but by then I was ready to skedaddle. 

The scariest house I previewed today was the perfect marriage of the Silence of the Lambs house with Doc Brown’s Back to the Future home.

Business of Buyer’s Agents Is Knowing The Market

Mostly previewing property is a great opportunity to be well informed about the  market.   I can honestly say, I have a much better understanding of what you can purchase for $275K to $325K in Arvada.  The best homes are big, with four bedrooms, great yards and an open feeling. The least desirable homes – and I saw a few – were small, under-finished and disappointing. By under finished, I mean these houses had vinyl floor where a better home would have hardwood.  Or the carpeting was an odd color like the burnt orange I saw in one basement today while previewing property.

Previewing Property Is Duty Of Realtor To Buyer

Except for needlessly being frightened by a dark, slightly creepy house, I think previewing property is one of the tasks that Realtors perform to add value.  I want to do the best for my clients; knowing the inventory is the least I can do!

Discovering Defects Saves Buyers Time

Another home I attempted to view stated it was quite “secluded.” Well, that is one way to put it.  The house sits next to a giant brick wall designed to keep out the noise of the nearby major intersection. As a result, the house is basically at a dead end, with a traffic light looming above a wall and a view of the street on one side.   Previewing property today will save my clients from having to see that terrible eyesore.

Of course, the last home I viewed was really unusual.  It sat a little close to one neighbor, but on the other three sides, it was: a community park and two columns of trees that create a wonderful green wall.  I never would have guessed how neat this last house is from the MLS.  You can see on a map that is close to a major road, but because of nearby homes and a hill, there is zero road noise in the yard of this house. Its on the showing list for my clients for sure. 

Does previewing property sound like a benefit to you? I’m taking on new clients for the summer now.  Drop me a line – lets get to work on your new home today.

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