picture of ahouse with words agents outnumber listings and the words are filled with images of boulder real estate news making agents

Agents Outnumber Listings!

We Find Ourselves In A Truly Unique Boulder Housing Market Yesterday I was a reading an article about how badly real estate agents outnumber listings in today’s housing market. The … Read more

TACC Garage Sale

Trails at Coal Creek Garage Sale Saturday, June 5th, 2021 8 AM to 3 PM 25 homes participating as of 4/21/2021. Annual event, happening this summer in the Trails at … Read more

a house under construction with the framing complete only

What Is An ILC

When purchasing a property, how do you know the borders of the property? How do you ascertain things like the driveway and fence are on/inside your property lines? An ILC … Read more