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Boulder Mortgage News

Fears of the Coronavirus Easing Believe it or not, when search engine queries for Coronvarius surged last week, it was nothing compared to searches for Corona Beer’s relationship to the … Read more

What is an Appraisal?

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Realtor Bob Gordon Welcome, this week I’m discussing what is an appraisal. I’m Bob Gordon Realtor Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Boulder. My goal with this video series: inform … Read more

Colorado Mortgage News

Fed Inching Rates Up The new Federal Reserve chairman is hellbent on taking rates up. We have seen numerous rate increases in the Colorado mortgage news this year, with three … Read more

Bigger Down Payment Bad

The other evening I had a conversation with a Millennial. She explained to me that she wants to save a bigger down payment before purchasing her first home. And she … Read more