Centennial Middle School

With a great slogan, “Where everyone belongs,” Centennial Middle School is a wonderful example of Boulder at its best.   I’ve never had a child actually attend this school.  But I’ve been over to Centennial Middle School a bunch.  For starters, there is a great track at the school.  It is a 400 meter track and its in pretty good condition.  There are also tennis courts, ample parking, even baseball diamonds.

back side view of Centennial Middle School
Centennial Middle School is set in a beautiful Boulder location

Centennial Middle School is a great place to play as an adult.  This morning, I had a CrossFit Roots workout at the Centennial Middle School track.  Our coach had us running interval training.  The goal: Run 200 Meters, Run 400 meters, then 600 meters. Each time taking a rest break equal to your running time.  Repeat three times.  Great workout with plenty of stretching before and after.  There were also a lot of adults playing tennis.    The courts at Centennial Middle School are fantastic. More about CrossFit Roots here.

guy playing tennis
Doubles tennis 30-Love!

Located in the North Central area of Boulder, Centennial Middle School offers solid academics. View the official site here.   Centennial Middle School has a strong PTO – Parent Teacher Organization.  Made up of four officers and eleven – 11 – committees, PTO keeps the focus on student performance with events like the parent/student breakfast for students achieving a 3.5 GPA.

front of Centennial MIddle School, Boulder Colorado

A wide range of athletics and activities are offered at Centennial Middle School.  Children can participate in sports, clubs and more.  Here is a list of activities offered:

360                   Art Club                Band                       Bike Club             Bolder Boulder         Brain Bowl              Choir          Climbing              Computer Club      Cyclone Citizen            Fall Play        Geo Bee                History Day           Math Counts                 Musical #1   Musical #2            Orchestra         Science Fair          Spelling Bee               Student Council         World Affairs Challenge   Yearbook
Boys’ Basketball           Boys’ Football               Coed Track              Coed Wrestling       Flag Football
Girls’ Basketball     Girls’ Soccer             Soccer             Track & Field     Volleyball

Centennial Middle School also offers an excellent media center for students.    The curriculum is designed to allow seventh and eighth graders the opportunity to select elective courses.   The middle school allows for Open Enrollment (see school site for details).

Centennial Middle School Contact Information

Address: 2205 Norwood Avenue, Boulder, Colorado   and  Phone:(720) 561-5441  or Website

Boulder Colorado mountains
view of the baseball area and Front Range



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