City of Longmont


North of Denver and Boulder, Longmont is a beautiful, established town with rising incomes and rising home values. 

Located near plenty of activities, Longmont is 45 minutes from DIA and Denver, 30 minutes from Boulder, and only 10 minutes from I-25. 

In the last year the number of homes in Q1 have risen 12% from 241 units sold in 2016 to 269 sold in 2017. This is incredible as it is 4 times the national average for increases in homes sold year over year. 

More importantly, home values have also dramatically increased. Again, average home values in the US are expected to rise about 3% each year. However, in the last two years, homes in Longmont have experienced a rise in value of $100,000! That’s over 40%.


What can you buy with $100,000?

A simple Google search pulls up that this is enough cash to purchase a water jet pack or rent a private jet three times! I would probably travel to New Zealand, Belgium, and Thailand. 

This very simply illustrates the benefits of owning a home in the area, either as an investment or as a place to live. Imagine if you had bought a home only two years ago in Longmont, you would be reaping these rewards!


Chart of number of listings and prices of homes sold in Longmont, CO


As the city continues to expand and new construction occurs in the area, home values will rise further. This is not an opportunity that should not be missed.

Moreover, homes in Longmont, when compared to those centrally located in Boulder come up to about half the cost! The average Boulder home is approximately $700,000, whereas in Longmont two homes could be purchased with that amount of money, while creating an even more substantial return on investment.

With increased homes available for sale and on the market, as well as increased home values, this is a hot market at a hot time to buy. Holding onto a property in this area for just a few years could likely make you some serious cash, and why wouldn’t you want to be able to rent out a private jet?



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