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Getting Your Condo SOLD

Since getting into real estate back in the mid Nineties, I’ve sold a good deal of condos. Townhouses. Attached dwellings. Whatever you call ’em, I’ve sold them. Some communities, I’ve sold again and again. Country Club Greens up in Northeast Boulder would be an example of one community I’ve sold numerous times over my career. Angel and AJ’s condo is in another complex I’ve sold more than once – that condo community is down in Denver near where my son’s mom lived. My efforts did pan out out. We got the sale, top dollar at the moment. And I received the client testimonial SOLD condo checkmark!

More Than Marketing Sometimes Shoveling

So when I have the opportunity to work one on one with a client, I go all in. That means top of the line marketing, solid communication on a daily basis, putting your best interests first and foremost. This is all spelled out in a legally binding sales contract.

But, it goes beyond that. It is about putting your best interests first. Above and beyond my commission. It’s what is in the very best interest of the home seller.

And it doesn’t matter that the home seller is a condo owner. These are no less of important transactions than single family homes. In fact, in some portions of the market place, you are more likely to own one attached dwelling after another. That’s because single family homes have become so expensive. Wash Park in Denver would be an example of area where it is much more affordable to buy in initially by purchasing an attached property.

Regardless, what set me apart on this transaction? The seller’s market was not yet in full swing for starters.

Colorado Seller’s Market Not Always Present

Like say as I’m writing this blog. Then and now, it wasn’t the full blown seller’s market we saw in say 2019. So, I worked very diligently for Angel and AJ, to secure the best possible offer/s. This included hosting an open house. I went above and beyond, bringing my own snow shovel even, because wouldn’t you know it, we got a half a foot of snow.

So I was out there shoveling, the deck, the stairs up, the sidewalk. I wish I had worn my Sorel boots. But I was out there in a nice pair of dress shoes making it accessible to see all the great features. And just simply get to the townhouse.

I also made sure to accommodate the sellers. When we had an offer, I wound up driving over to see them. It was necessary because that particular day, their dog got loose. They didn’t have readily available internet or the time to meet somewhere, so I went to them.

Look, when we have an agreement that says I’m going to go all out for you, that’s what I do. That’s what my clients can expect. This is how I get consistent client testimonial SOLD condo reviews day in and day out.

Going The Extra Mile To Clients

I visited Angel and AJ to get their signatures. I recall, they had matching Death Eaters temporary tattoos. If they hadn’t been so worried about their dog that day, it would have been a lighter moment. Sometimes, I’ve found going out of my way for clients is what it takes. For instance, another set of clients, Greg and Kirstine, were at a CU Buffs football game while we were negotiating an offer.

They were in the stadium, which had it’s cellular service overwhelmed. We couldn’t manage to get a good enough signal to use an electronic signature platform. So I went to the stadium (I actually had tickets to the game, but was working on their offer instead), met up with them, got everything signed in paper form, got back to the office, scanned off. And by the time the game was over, (and I have no idea what happened in that pre-Coach Prime game), they were under contract versus multiple offers on their dream home.

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