Clutter and House Selling Boulder Colorado

 Before you sell, de-clutter

A very common experience when preparing to list a house for sale is encountering too much clutter. Generally, it sneaks up on owners who simply do not even notice it in their own homes. My rule of thumb when I see too much clutter – if you are not going to take it with you, get rid of it before we show the house. The Boulder real estate market is competitive, so be prepared!

Step two in de-cluttering a house

Clutter, this spotless room is inviting
Living room is inviting

This generally takes care of the first twenty percent of excess belongings. But we are just getting started. The next step is to go through closets and drawers. Frequently there are items you have not worn in months, if not years. Any item you have not worn in two years is ready to go. Fashions change. Waistlines change. Now is the time to get rid of items you are unlikely to ever wear again.

My favorite college shirt

empty counter tops ready for new buyer's imaginationrNext up is memorabilia. Chances are you have trophies, a Star Wars shirt, coffee mugs and glassware that seemed funny in college but these days is just collecting dust. Keep the memories, get rid of the junk. If you are just going to move but not really use the items, why move them at all?

Remember it is all about selling your house for top dollar

The goal of de-cluttering is to make buyers feel there is plenty of storage and space in your house. If you want, you can host a garage sale to get rid of all this stuff before we place your house on the market. Read about garage sales now.


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