Coal Creek Trail


So the other day, my wife and I set out for a walk along the Coal Creek Trail near our Boulder County home. We are so fortunate to back to open space. And I should add, its not because I’m a super Realtor or something. Rather, its simply that my wife insisted we would love backing to open space.

And as usual, I couldn’t agree more. My wife is right!

So we are out on the trail the other day and after awhile Julie asks what I’m doing. Clearly I’m distracted and looking up into the trees a good deal. “Oh, I’m looking for owls.” See, the other day I had been riding on the trail (one of my favorite things to do for exercise) and came across a bird watcher who pointed out an owl.

And on our walk on Coal Creek Trail that night, I thought I could spot an owl too. Well, turns out, spotting wildlife is not that easy. The entire walk, I never saw an owl. We sort of saw one bird come in for a low landing, but it most likely was a duck.

That is, until we got home.

owl on top of house in trails at coal creek subdivision
An owl, perched atop a vent on the neighbor’s house in The Trails at Coal Creek neighborhood

Owls Screech

Wouldn’t you know it, just as we exited the trail by our home, we startled by screeching noises. We looked up and were stunned. A pair of owls were flying about. One even landed on the roof top of our own home. The two birds eventually settled on two under construction houses nearby, screeching at one another.

Too funny. We had walked for an hour with me craning my neck this way and that in search of an owl. And here they were, right where we had started. Screeching at me for good measure!

The Trails at Coal Creek

BTW, I mention living here – this community is great. Meritage Homes and Richmond American are building several series of houses along the trail. Ranch and two story layouts. Some walk out basements available, predominantly on the southern side of the community. Many homes backing to open space or trails.

There are several pocket parks in the community. And a great sense of community, which is fairly common with newer construction projects. Lots of younger families, but also a handful of older folks too. I wouldn’t say this neighborhood is all one set. There is a great Facebook page focused on the community.

The Coal Creek Trail Itself

Runs east-west. I’ve been out in each direction. Ride to the west and I quickly pass Ryan Elementary school (find a house near here), then cross the creek and head up a short steep hill. This isn’t like going up a mountain, but it does get the heart rate going. Up along that hill top, great views on open prairie. This is where the Aquarius trailhead is located as well.

Keep going and the trail meanders into Louisville, usually with a subdivision or golf course to one side. Eventually the trail links up with the new concrete trail that runs along side Hwy 36. Now, that’s a serious hill for all takers. I love riding up that beast for a serious workout.

view of boulder county open space with a resevoir in foreground and words search homes for sale boulder county open space

Back home, I also like heading off to the east. A completely different sort of ride. The trail is a bit more populated for the first mile as it moves alongside another subdivision. There is a spot where it goes under a low train trestle that always smells strongly of pitch and pine. Really reminds me of the steam train at Cedar Point back in Ohio.

Ride a bit further and you are out on the open prairie. Alas, here I can see the impact of frakking. Boulder county trail is in crushed gray gravel. Intermingling with the trail are brown dirt roads to oil collection sites. The prairie dogs and raptors don’t know the difference. I always find quiet solitude on this ride and have yet to run out of path!

See you on the Coal Creek trail.

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