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8 AM January 1st 2014

Wednesday January 1st, 2014 at 8 am marked the moment Colorado marijuana became legal.   Owners of local businesses described lines, some stretching around the block. The official news services report “mellow crowds including tourists from out of state.”

Colorado marijuana is a rather big deal.  Love it or hate it, for or against, the prohibition of Colorado marijuana has ended.  Shops opened in The High Country (usually a reference for ski resorts) and the Mile High City (aka Denver).   Looking for a list of locations? Click here. Prefer to see a map? Use this link!

Boulder Opening Daze Or Months Away

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Colorado marijuana steps to forefront of US news

Boulder shops are set to open in Spring.  Until then, the medical marijuana business is thriving in pot friendly Boulder.  Rumor has it Boulder has more medical marijuana shops than coffee shops. And there are a lot of coffee shops.  For now, Boulder residents are traveling out of the county for legal Colorado marijuana.

Long Lines Chill Out

Across the state, Colorado marijuana shops opened.  Long lines were common, even with winter weather.  The shops were able to open at 8 am.  Many Colorado marijuana shops reported lines of waiting customers.  And the lines got longer as the day went on with waits of up to three hours.

Some shops gave away T-Shirts, others free coffee.  Customers were excited to receive receipts. Many exclaimed happiness at being able to legally do something for the first time.

Prohibition Shortfalls

Across Colorado marijuana advocates and proponents faced off throughout 2013.  There is a loud and significant minority in Colorado against the legalization of pot.   But has prohibition really worked?   Our government has been fighting a never-ending war on drugs for as long as I can remember.  The goals of this policy: lower crime, healthier living, good for us. 

And yet.

They say life imitates art.  With television shows like Breaking Bad (chemistry teacher goes into Meth business) and Boardwalk Empire (Atlantic City during prohibition), you get the idea there is a desire in America to rebel against authority for better or worse.   Alcohol prohibition didn’t work in the US.  Time will tell on Colorado marijuana.

Colorado Marijuana Tax

I do think Colorado marijuana will be good for taxes.  There are all sorts of tax rules in place to make money for city coffers.  In Denver for instance, an eighth of high grade cannabis was selling for about $50 with an additional $11 dollars in state and local taxes.  Medical marijuana, by comparison, was selling for half that price with lower taxes just days before.

Some of the funds will go directly to education and schools. Other taxes go to state and local funding.  Taxing Colorado marijuana has to be a better policy than letting it be sold illegally.

Colorado Marijuana And Housing

Residents are allowed to grow a certain number of plants.  And consume marijuana in homes.  Owners will want to consider the ramifications of marijuana in their homes.  Unfortunately, ideal conditions for modern day cannabis cultivation are unusually similar the conditions for mold. 

Landlords and owners alike should use caution in growing Colorado marijuana indoors.

Dazed And Confused On Colorado Marijuana

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Don’t celebrate Colorado marijuana if your job prohibits drugs. Remember, Federal law still applies

Remember, Colorado Marijuana is illegal by Federal law.  Employees at firms that test for drugs must follow the drug policy. Even if workplace policy prohibits pot.  Coming from out of state?  Know in advance that pot shops don’t take credit cards. Banking is a real issue for dispensaries.   Bottom line – this is a blog. Some of it is personal opinion.  If you are into Colorado marijuana, be sure to do your own research.  I’m certain in 2014 I will be blogging on this controversial subject more. 

Here is a link to an FAQ on pot. Here is a link on Denver and marijuana.



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