Concierge List

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Welcome!  This is a working list for recommending area professionals.   The folks on this concierge list are recommended by several sources, so far including:

  • The 80027 –  Oh Oh Two Seven Facebook Group
  • Boulder Area Realtor Association
  • Realtor Bob Gordon’s personal picks

The list is free for download, just download the Concierge List Document 03-23-16 .  The list will be updated on a regular basis.  Do you have a recommendation? Please leave a comment.  Have you had a negative experience with a contractor? I would like to hear about that as well.  The goal of the list is to be a resource to you.  And a big thank you to the individuals contributing suggestions to this list.  This list is up to date as of February 17, 2016.  Check back for future updates.

Have a Recommendation for the Concierge List?

Please leave a comment here and I’ll be certain to add your recommendations to the list.  Than you for your thoughtfulness in recommending a business, especially one related to the home buying and selling process.   My clients are always looking for the best, most affordable, timely contractor.  Input from folks like you helps make this list a real success.

Get the Concierge List today: Concierge List Document 03-23-16

Additional Resources

Visit the official BARA site for additional local resources.   Consider visiting Angie’s List (paid) for additional recommendations in the area.


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