Consumer Open House Experience

Consumer Open House Guest Blog By Jordan Hizel

My name is Jordan Hizel I am currently interning for Realtor Bob Gordon at Berkshire Hathaway. I am a graduating senior this year at the University of Colorado Boulder Leeds School of Business. I am studying Marketing and Real Estate. I am hoping to work in either field come graduation this spring.As a part of my college internship, I was tasked to be a consumer open house visitor in the local area to get a feel of what it is like in today’s housing market. Going through open houses as a consumer, was much more difficult then I anticipated.

a consumer open house sign in longmont colorado
A plain consumer open house sign beckons to house hunters in Boulder County

Visiting Longmont Open Houses

I noticed right away, that where I was looking there was not that many options of homes in each price range even offering open houses. It was difficult to find five homes around the same budget in the same area with open houses. That could be discouraging if you are looking for homes with specificity. Next, as I went into each of the homes I realized that homes in this market are selling quickly, many people were at each consumer open house.

Biggest Surprise: I even managed to walk in to two different homes without as much as any acknowledgment by the broker hosting the consumer open house because of the large number of people at the house.

One house I walked into had actually gone into contract that earlier morning from the open house. That shocked me that homes were flying off the market that quickly.

Post Open House Observations

After visiting a multitude of homes, I also noticed how each broker and each open house was ran a little differently. The marketing items that the brokers were handing out were anything from a simple MLS sheet that was printed in black and white to extravagant home brochures that were professionally created. As a marketing major, the more complex marketing tools took my eye right away and made a great lasting impression on my mind.

What is the Realtor dress code?  It was various in the way that brokers were dressed and what they offered. Offered you may ask what I am saying well I walked into one open house immediately greeted and asked whether I would like water of soda. That was such a good feeling to feel invited into the home and I felt immediately more comfortable.   Comfort can lead to “love at first sight” in a consumer open house!

I think making consumers; feel comfortable is of such importance. All in all it was a great experience in which I learned a lot and was really able to see the advantages and struggles of being a searching home buyer in today’s crazy real estate market.  To any of you looking for a home I wish you luck and I believe finding an experienced broker is key!  (hint, hint, pick Bob Gordon!!)

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