Creepy Obscure Lafayette Vampire

Hidden in plain sight lies the legendary gravesite of the Lafayette Vampire right here in Lafayette Colorado. Can you imagine yourself visiting this creepy site at nighttime, perhaps on a Full Moon or Halloween? Not me. No way. I did manage to visit just recently during daylight hours.

Lafayette cemetery is home to the urban legend lafayette vampire

Fodor Glava From Transylvania

You have to keep in mind, Lafayette Colorado long before being a bedroom community to Boulder was a mining town. There are all sorts of reminders about town.

Well, legend has it this fellow came to town seeking work in the mines. When he passed away he was buried at the Lafayette Cemetery.

Being foreign and having a unique name added to the legend. And Transylvania has always been associated with the Dracula story. So, I guess even back then folks got to talking at coffee shops, lol.

A Tree Stakes His Heart

So the legend goes, a tree grew right up through Glava’s gravesite. A tree unlike any other in the cemetery grew right from the Lafayette Vampire burial spot. And during the warm summer months, blood red roses grow alongside the grave. Is the hair on the back of your neck standing up? Mine is and it is daytime outdoors right this moment!

boulder realtor bob gordon kneeling by the graveside of lafayette vampire
Legendary Lafayette Vampire Fodor Glava

You can spot this gravesite on the northside of the cemetery. There were a number of flowers and artifacts present the day I visited. Here’s a photo of me casually hanging out:

Not so scary during a bright sunny day, but I would think twice about coming back after dark!

Flu And Covid Connection

Most likely this intrepid miner actually met his end from the flu. It was a big deal back then, just as Covid-19 has been ravaging our country the last several years.

If you visit, be sure to be respectful as this is an active cemetery in the heart of Lafayette. The tombstone is mounted flat to the ground and can be a little tricky to locate.

After viewing this, my group walked around and took in the memorial to all the fallen young men who have fought in various wars for our nation.

Lafayette Vampire: Fact or Fiction?

Would be entertaining to hear your take on this urban legend. Have you visited? Do you think this is just “people talking” or do you believe the legend?

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