CU South Impacts Boulder

That’s Not Open Space

One of the things beloved in our Boulder community is open space.  That beautiful undeveloped land that encircles our community and really adds to the quality of life here.  Shockingly, that gorgeous parcel as you arrive on the edge of the city is really CU South, not open space, but rather develop-able property.

And the City of Boulder just approved the new land use designation that paves the way (so to speak) for this future development.  Over eleven hundred housing units for students and employees, academic buildings, sports fields and all the roads, infrastructure and such that accompanies a project of this size.

Citizens Flood Concerns To Council

This approval by Boulder City Council is of course driving citizen concern.  While many are likely upset at lost views and the unpleasant idea of increased traffic, congestion, people, those concerns are unlikely to halt a project.  Flooding, on the other hand, and especially in light of the recent 2013 floods which devastated the area, is a real concern.  And this is where conversation will next turn.

Next Steps. City and University discussing transportation and housing impacts.  Flood mitigation reports and annexation being simultaneously researched.  Not all council members in agreement on the process for CU South.

CU Boulder Flagship Campus

The University of Colorado at Boulder is massively popular.  Ever increasing enrollment is anticipated through the year 2020.  The school needs additional space, so I would bank upon development taking place.  And living space is at a premium. If the university is able to create housing for professors, it will help in wooing talent to a city with no affordable housing.  So, while flood concerns may be real, I think it is really likely to one day see a CU campus dotting the southern edges of Boulder.

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