Diverse Boulder Homes

Boulder Sold Homes

This past week, there were some diverse Boulder homes sold. The least and most expensive houses were nearly ten time different in price.  $293,000 at the low end for a Boulder home and nearly 2.5 Million at the upper end.

Boulder home with mountain view.
I love that there are so many diverse Boulder homes to select from in our community. Photo by Rob Larsen

While not side by side, the homes are within cycling distance of one another. This is part of what makes Boulder Colorado such an amazing and great place to live. There is housing for everyone in Boulder.  Big or small, there is a great selection of diverse Boulder homes.  Many portions of the community have great mountain views, access to world-class shopping and the benefits of the best public schools in Colorado.

Two Truly Diverse Boulder Homes Sold

1425 King Ave Boulder, 80302 closed this week for $2,250,000.  Contemporary four bedroom five bathroom home with a two car garage.  Attention to every detail is a hallmark of this well crafted gorgeous Boulder home.  The house was originally listed at 2.4 million and required about seven months to go under contract.

6435 Outrigger Ct Boulder, 80301 Listed for $296,900 and sold for $293,000.  The first contract failed on a loan contingency.  This home shared contemporary features – at least in the concept of the house when it was originally built. As-is when sold, while one of he more diverse boulder homes to close in awhile, it was sort of dated.

View these two diverse Boulder homes on the Boulder Home Weekly Update — complete with all photographs, details on layout, lot and location.

My New Listing

9562 w. 26th
New Listing at $225,000

Coming this week is my new listing. The good news: great price. It is listed for $225,000 with 3-4 bedrooms (depending upon some small adaptations).  There is a detached two car garage and plenty of fantastic views over dedicated park and open space including a lake,

The bad news for Boulder buyers is the house is not in Boulder. It is in Lakewood.  Please let your Denver friends know about this great home.

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