do open houses really work?

The Key to My Real Estate Success

I tend to be most successful when I studiously follow the same boring steps.   And I find when I do open house really work well as a part of the sales equation.  I might not personally sell the property at my open house, but inevitably, I meet the buyer/s that day.

My Boulder Real Estate Listing Format

Here’s what works for me.  I list your home on early in the week – usually Tuesday or Wednesday into the MLS.  Oh, MLS stands for a soccer league.  It also stands for multiple listing service.  This is where Realtors place your house for sale.  Back to the basics.

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So I get your house (or condo or lot or, whatever) listed early in the week. But no showings until Friday.  Without fail, I always get a phone call from someone – “My client is going out of town, can we get in early!?”  And  always say, “nope.”

There was this one time the agent said her client was going out of town. It turned out, the agent was going out of town. But the buyer still came to the open house. And then had her agent’s partner bring a full price offer on the 2nd day of showings!  So when you ask, do open houses really work, I would say: “Absolutely!”

My goal is build up the anticipation and then load the property with all the possible viewers at once.  I want the legit home buyers along with the open house Lookey-Lou’s and people that just like to stop by from the neighborhood all in the place at the same time.  And guess what?

Yes They Do Open Houses Really Work

Yeah, when it all comes together like Hannibal from the A-Team says, “I love it when a plan comes together.”  I can think back on the last several properties I’ve sold and in each case, I met the home buyer at the open house.  And in each case that buyer used their own Realtor to write an offer.

So, statistically, it didn’t sell at the open house. 

But in actuality, the eventual home buyer used that open house to come by and make certain he or she or they loved the place.  And the deals tend to stay together better when the home buyer loves the place.  That open house I hosted gave the home buyer the opportunity to come by, sans real estate agent, and see if they could live there.

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Other Successful Steps To Selling Your Home

I’m also a big believer in High Dynamic Range photography, 3D virtual tours and top shelf flyers.   A good open house strategy is one aspect of a successful listing and home selling strategy.  For clients, it might sound original and great.  For me, it seems sort of boring.

But honestly, boring is best.   When a Realtor has a winning format for getting Boulder homes sold quickly and for top dollar, that’s the way to go.  You don’t want to try something new and unproven. Nor do you want to cut out a successful step.   Why do open houses really work to get your home sold? Because buyers love to look at houses.   This is a great step to successfully selling.

High Dynamic Range – HDR – photography mimics what are eye sees.  It is the best indoor and outdoor elements of a photograph.   This achieved through a stationary camera (on a tripod) taking several photos at different film speeds simultaneously.  And then stitching the best elements of each picture into one.   

This way a photograph has great outdoor colors and indoor clarity. Much like our vision.

Here are two photos of the same room. One taken on my handy iPhone and the other shot by a photographer service utilizing HDR technology.  

two photographs of a kitchen to the left an hdr picture with great color and to the right a simulation of an iphone picture with less detail

Thinking of Selling My Home?

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Other Steps To Home Sold Success

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I’m Bob Gordon Author of Boulder Real Estate News

I’ve been selling homes since 1995.  My family raised me on real estate. I watched my Dad manage apartments from an young age. My job was to remove the quarters from the washing machines.  Recently I experienced the buy side of things when we sold our house and purchased a new home.  Put my experience to work for you.

See Boulder homes for sale now.  Want more open house information? I’ve blogged on ’em before or check out this post from fellow Realtor Anita Clark.

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