Do You Believe In The House Fairy?

What a fanciful idea, isn’t it? That fairies might exist and run about among us? Or is is it something that is actually true, obscured now by our ultimate trust in technology and the internet and this modern world. Even just asking if you believe in the existence of a house fairy might have you on edge. What kind of Realtor talks this way? Then again, who hasn’t seen a beloved Disney flick with a fairy godmother in it at least once?

Of course, truth be told, when I first entered into this career – and I’ll tell you what, so much has changed since the mid-nineties – other agents were known on more than one occasion to bury a statue of Saint Joseph in the yard to help generate a sale.

Using A St Joseph Statue To Sell Your House

The most common lore calls for digging a shallow hole in your front lawn. Place the statue of St Joseph upside down in the hole. Be sure the statue is facing your house. This will put the saint hard at work in the endeavor of getting your house sold quickly. The first time I personally saw this, a trusted advisor mortgage group buddy told me, “Bob, it is a tried and true method for selling Boulder CO real estate!”

hand painted rocks with messages of hope such as painted rock path and black lives matter initials
Colorful rocks with messages of hope are popping up in neighborhoods dotting Boulder County.

Saints And Faeries

I don’t think I should try to conflate two more radically different concepts than fairies and saints.

In our own home, my wife has created a very adorable little fairy spot in the guest room. When my grandchildren spend the night, they are always cautious to make certain the little tiny door on the wall is not blocked by a stuffed animal or errant shoe.

Friends tell me they use the idea of Brownies or the good little house fairy to get their children more involved in house cleaning. Mythical creatures that stir while we sleep that help clean the house.

And I know it isn’t just us. One of the most incredible house fairy villages I’ve ever seen has sprouted up on a big ole tree stump in Lafayette.

Beloved Lafayette House Fairy Village

Lately as I’ve been unable to get into the gym (jotting this during the pandemic), I’ve explored more and more while biking about. Up until this summer, my rides were strictly on the Coal Creek Trail – out and back rides passing near Minotaur Village and whatnot. But I decided to explore. And I’m so glad I did.

One of my rides has brought me along the most enjoyable path. It bisects some beautiful neighborhoods. Trees grow tall and strong. The path feels wide with a bit of curve so you can’t see all that far into the distance. Along one side, there is a dry creek bed that I can only imagine flows with fresh Spring water. On the other side, homes back to the trail – at least, their fence lines do so.

The light is so lovely here. I’ve really been thinking to myself, “oh, this would be a perfect set of neighborhoods to call home.” And it is along this trail that you will find the most amazing house fairy village in Boulder County. I’m not kidding.

There are even two little elf sized chairs by the village. These chairs look battered. The leg of one is taped (duct tape of course – that stuff is a miracle for fixing anything). I’ve never really seen anyone actually sitting in these adorable little chairs. But they sure do look worn from ages of use.

an amazing house fairy tree stump in lafayette colorado filled with all manner of fairy lore, from little statues to messages, the word wish spelled out with scrabble blocks and all sorts of colorful objects is all around fun and heartwarming
House Fairy tree stump near Wanaka Lake, Lafayette Colorado

The Tooth Fairy And Santa’s Elves

Before you decide you can’t possibly believe in this stuff, remember the tooth fairy. Just about everyone places their teeth under their pillow. I suppose it is an ingenious way to prevent kids from accidentally swallowing a recently fallen out tooth. By separating said tooth from said child in the middle of the night. Nor do I suppose everyone believes in Santa’s elves, helping him prepare for one crazy night of gift delivery.

The 2020 Take on all this: The Magic Coffee Table.

But if you do open your heart to the magic of the world, then be sure to walk or bike by this amazing little village in Lafayette. It truly makes my imagination and and heart sing each and every time I see it. For me, seeing this little village is one of those secret Boulder Colorado things to do.

If nothing else, jump on your bike and explore new trails. Great way to discover some Boulder realestate neighborhoods that might be perfect for you to call home! Check it out for yourself. Its on the footpath over by Paschal Drive near Wanaka Lake Trail.

Mountain Living and The Fairy Ring

While showing cabins in Colorado mountains for sale I have on occasion seen a fairy ring. Are you familiar with these? Folklore says to never enter one. A fairy ring is a naturally occurring arc or ring of mushrooms growing in the woods or on a plain. There is a lot of mythology regarding elves and spirits surrounding these rings.

Look for one next time you are camping near Boulder Co. Very fun to find in nature!

A Little Magic Warms The Heart

During these times, a little magic can warm your heart. I hope you enjoyed this post and truly hope you will bike by this lovely little neighborhood treasure. See you on the trail.

bob gordon flagstaff bouldere realtor on a bike
circa 2017, Realtor Bob Gordon on a bike trail

Realtor Bob Gordon generally blogs on all things Colorado real estate. This post is dedicated to the whimsy and magic that makes Boulder so beautiful.

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