Docusign Electronic Signatures

By Bob Gordon, Berkshire Hathaway Boulder Realtor

docuSign LogoDocusign is one of the newest and coolest things to occur in the real estate world.   Electronic signatures are widely accepted and allow folks to sign contracts from computers and mobile phones.  The technology has been around for a few years and is gaining a lot of traction in the real estate world.

Boulder Real Estate News presents the opening screen shot of DocuSign, an electronic signature service widely used in real estate transactions.
Electronic Signatures and Real Estate


How Electronic Signatures work

Docusgin Electronic signature exampleRealtors upload documents to docusign and then docusign sends a secure email to the client.  The client adopts an electronic signature and authorizes or refuses to sign.  Multiple parties can be signing the same document in different locations and from different devices (mobile, laptop, internet, wifi) simultaneously.  As each party signs, participants have the option to print and/or save a copy of the executed contract.

DORA and Banks and Docusign

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies recognizes electronic signatures and they are wide use in real estate transactions.  Still, not everyone accepts this type of signature.  Banks involved in short sales and foreclosures generally will not accept electronic signatures, so don’t get rid of that fax machine yet.

My personal experience with Docusign

graphic picutre of opened and pending envelopes for docusign in Boulder, Colorado
Helpful graphics for agents to stay foucsed

The other day, during a blizzard, I was able to walk one of my clients (in her late seventies) through the process of using her son’s Smart phone to sign onto her email (1st time she ever did that) and access a docusign document. We then were able to get her signature and initials in several places and return the counter offer in a timely manner, all while a foot of snow piled up in Colorado and driving was unadvised.  My client thought it was pretty cool and the buyers were excited to get a counter so quickly.

Have more questions about Docusign? Give me a call, I’m here to help with your real estate needs.

2 thoughts on “Docusign Electronic Signatures”

  1. I’m getting into this electronic signature thing; I think it will make everyone’s lives easier. I don’t know much about Boulder Colorado real estate but in Portsmouth NH you often had to drives all over getting contracts signed and changes initial.

    Cool tools like Docusign make it much easier to get things done and save everyone time.

    We have snow in Portsmouth just like you do in Boulder CO and that often makes driving challenging.

  2. Very nice post Bob! Docusign makes thing very convenient for the customer and it is easy to use. My experiences in working with it have been great!


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