Dry Creek Trailhead Boulder Colorado

Julie and Bob go for a hike

Julie and I jumped in the trusty auto and headed west for a hike this morning. We found the perfect spot at the Dry Creek Trailhead. It is located just west of 75th Street on Baseline.  There is plenty of parking, though the lot was filled up when we left.  There is a single picnic table but no bathroom facilities.

Dry Creek with a bridge crossing and mountains in background
Dry Creek offers stunning views


Dry Creek it is

We decided this is a great area to run (though we just walked).  A trail moves out along the creek and crosses a picturesque bridge.  There are convenient stone steps into the water for your four legged friends to splash about.  Once across the bridge, several low key trails head off in different directions.   Clearly, Dry Creek is a very popular spot for walking your dog or going for a run.  We also noticed a lot of retired ladies with dogs.

Trail on left, Dry Creek on right
walking along Dry Creek in Boulder Colorado


Water mountains views

You’ll love the views as you hike about Dry Creek. Just about unobstructed visages of the entire Front Range.  Along  one side, we passed very close to a nicely maintained man made forest of pines. On another edge of the open space, we had a breathtaking view across the Baseline Reservoir.  On our hike we saw a handful of small birds.

Bob Gordon Realtor standing in a giant tree
This is one very big tree

Walking the loop and stopping to take lots of photos, very easy. According to the official website – Dry Creek is a one mile loop.  I highly recommend this as a great hike for those seeking outdoors, level, and grand views in all directions.  5 minutes to Boulder.

Flatrion Mountains across Baseline Reservoir
Flatiron Mountains across the Baseline Reservoir

Boulder homes

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pine trees
Pine trees along the Dry Creek Trailhead



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