Emerin Ferreiras: The Skateboarding Intern

Emerin Ferreiras Skateboarding
Emerin Ferreiras gets ready to drop in at the local skatepark in Miami, Fl

Meet Emerin Ferreiras

I am a business student living in Boulder, Colorado but originally from Miami, Florida. I am half Spanish and usually spend my summers visiting family in Spain. Without a doubt, my heritage enables me to be more open-minded and better prepared to conduct international business.

In addition, I have a passion for skateboarding and snowboarding that remains essential to my well-being.

Leeds School of Business Rising Senior

Currently, I am a fourth-year student at the LEEDS School of Business studying operations management with an emphasis on real estate. I plan on graduating one semester early with a certificate in real estate.

Besides my interests in business, I am passionate about studying and creating art. When I am not studying for a big exam, I am most likely painting. 

Under Bob Gordon’s supervision, Emerin Ferreiras created a cat-friendly advertisement that helps attract potential Berkshire Hathaway customers. Click here to see the ad!

CU Real Estate Certificate

My passion for real estate began early on as a child growing up in Miami, Florida. I was first captured by architectural styles like art deco, and I began to view structures and buildings as pieces of fine art, like paintings.

Soon after, it became evident that I could interact with these buildings and homes in a more interpersonal way that would create value in other people’s lives. By earning my certificate in real estate, I will be able to participate in this industry and truly change individual’s lives while also fulfilling my own dreams.

What’s next for Emerin

I want to provide for my family while also creating value for my community. One goal of mine is to be a successful investor with multiple properties and businesses in my name.

I think I can positively impact my community one step at a time by slowly building a solid reputation for myself. I want to be trusted within my sphere but also recognized internationally. One day, I hope to own property in various regions across the world.

You couldn’t pay me to stay in Boulder. But if you’re looking for a place, here’s our latest property 

Realtor Bob Gordon’s Take

I had a great experience employing Emmerin on my team.  This guy was always very timely. I know, because sometimes (i.e. all too often) I’m the one running a tad late.  So most days I would pull into the work parking lot at Boulder’s Berkshire Hathaway HomeService office and he would already be there – patiently waiting.

And then as we walked into the house, he would make the perfect small talk chat.  Really, if there is one innate skill I know I need to get better and better at, Emerin Ferreiras the CU intern casually taught me everyday: The Fine Art of Small Talk.

During his time working with me, he managed portions of the blog website, hosted open houses, worked one on one with clients under my supervision and helped with contact management.  I know Emerin is going to go onto  great things – he’s just an all around wonderful young man.

CU Boulder College Intern Needed

I’m hoping to have a new University of Colorado college intern on board for the Fall of 2020.  Especially on the heels of this massive shut down caused by the Coronavirus.  If you are student at the university and seeking an opportunity, please contact me. 

And if nothing else, please let Curtis Sears in the real estate department know I say, “Hello.”

Likewise, if you are a small business and considering an intern, I highly recommend working with the department heads over at the U. of Colo/Boulder.  I have had a number of fantastic experiences.

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