Enjoy Bubble Dining Boulder Folks

There’s a new sheriff in town. Keeping us safe folks. The bubble dining Boulder Co experience. Simple enough idea. Rather than be indoors with other maskless diners, your family unit can be safe inside literally its own bubble.

So we decided to give it a try today. I loved it. My wife was a little less enthusiastic. But we did both agree our meals looked tremendously better than when we get take out. And we really enjoyed our breakfast feast (*this is my wife’s favorite meal, and I’ve really come to love it as well).

Tangerine Lafayette Bubble Banquet

Its a snowy Sunday here. I was up early and shoveling. Our driveway faces to the north, so its really critical I get out there and shovel on a day like today. Plus, good chance to catch up with Eric next door. I swear, everything he owns is electric. Today he was rocking his electric snow blower. It was super quiet, but effective.

So anyways, up early and shoveling snow. Got inside and we thought – let’s have breakfast. Except the Whole Paycheck grocery delivery isn’t scheduled until this afternoon, and we were hungry. I suggested we try bubble dining Boulder ‘s latest concept to safely dine during a pandemic. Low and behold, the wife agreed to give it a go. I was thrilled.

What To Expect Dining Boulder Bubble Scene

We bundled up. Tangerine recommended dressing in layers, bringing a blanket if we wanted. We forgot to grab one between calling for a description of the dining in a bubble plan and leaving the house. I think we were each a little giddy at the thought of safely dining out. It’s been awhile since we felt safe giving it a go.

We wore masks of course.

The restaurant takes a lot of precautions between guests and also seated us in a bubble that hadn’t been in use since last night. This gave us more peace of mind. The plastic tent can seat up to six adults plus a kiddo in a high chair.

Boulder Realtor Bob Gordon, dining in a bubble (the one behind me is more visible). #DiningBoulderBubble

Bubble Dining Boulder / Lafayette Protections

  • Staff wipes down all surfaces between diners.
  • Staff applies a disinfecting agent to surfaces.
  • The clear plastic tent is opened to ventilate between diners.
  • Wait staff take orders from outside.
  • Menu accessible via QR code scanner.

It’s Warm, A Little Scary and Fun

If I had to sum up our experience this morning, it would be warm, fun to peruse a menu and a little uncomfortable being around other people so close by. For instance, while we were heading for a bubble, we would have preferred not to be led through the restaurant filled with maskless diners. But, that aside, I loved perusing a menu knowing whatever I selected would be brought me. No need to wait for Uber to deliver it to the door. Nor for me to bundle up and make a drive to collect our meal.

I seem to be the designated person in our family bubble to run out and get our To-Go orders!

So, this was a lot of fun. Of course, I suppose you might want to check back with me in two weeks to see how we feel about it then, lol.

Pandemic Drives Innovation Bubbling Up Around Boulder Co

Sad as the situation is, I am impressed at all the innovations taking place around our community. One favorite spot, Ting’s, has installed a sliding window near their cash register station. So to-go orders can be collected without even stepping inside. Other spots, such as Busaba, my favorite for Thai in the area, beefed up their website to accommodate online ordering. Pro Tip: if ordering from Busaba, best to eat early in the evening or plan for a long wait for your food. They get busy over there!

Early on, a hot spot in the Broadway Ideal shops starting offering Curbside pickup and packaging alcoholic beverages. Now, I know this is just about everywhere today, right? But still, it was innovative in the first week of the shutdowns back in March.

Uber Eats and a plethora of Apps offering easy delivery of food. Same goes for grocery stores in this region with online shopping and delivery. When i shop early in the day, its usually hardly crowded, except for the professional shopping services.

During the summer months, Boulder and Louisville blocked off a portion of Pearl Street and Main Street (respectively) and added outdoor socially distanced seating. I saw the same set up in Redwood City, CA when I visited California to look in on a family member.

Its not to say there haven’t been causalities. My two favorite eateries, Brasserie 1010 and Zolo’s Grill have both permanently shuttered. So, before we lose more of our favorite spots, I encourage you to give these bubble dining Boulder hot spots a go. Very fun. And hopefully safe!

Tangerine Lafayette Colorado

QR Codes Create Menus

From the comfort of your own cell phone, create a virtual menu using the QR Code reader on your cell phone. This way, you needn’t touch a menu and the dining establishment doesn’t need to disinfect it after your use. Another great innovation during this difficult time.

Have a QR Scanner on your phone? Give it a try. Just be forewarned. This is a really delicious menu. And very gluten free dining too!

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