Espressoria Wired Friendly Hub

If I had to sum up my first impressions of the Espressoria coffee shop tucked away on Pearl Street, it would be this:   Insanely hot Americano drinks and computer users welcome!

A Tangle of Cords

Just about every table has a computer user busily doing their thing. Several have thier Apple power cords plugged into a power strip that can clearly accommodate several more users. There are a few rebels. A fellow with dreads is seated in the back perusing his cell phone. Guess that’s not the perfect example.

There is password protected WiFi here. The PW is posted on a big mirror behind the coffee bar. This place has a cool vibe. Let me tell you about it.

wall of art inside espressoria coffee shop boulder co

Espressoria Is Cool

As I strolled up to the shop, my first impressions were all good. Out front, several non-computer oriented women were chatting, seated at a super cool tile table. Its a mosaic that forms a brilliant sun shining on blue skies. The sort you might find while on vacation in Mexico.

Step inside onto a well worn concrete floor, big vaulted ceiling, lots of wood, light and cool chill tunes.

The shop offers a little of everything. Note cards are for sale on one wall. I suspect they are handmade. Paintings adron two walls. Lots of groovy art to check out. Ahh – my coffee is finally cool enough for another sip. I digress, but I’m telling you, here at Espressoria you will be served damn hot Americanos. I love it.

Plenty of Seating For You And You And You

There is a lot of seating here. Possibly because this shop is bigger inside than it appears from the outside. There are tables, bar stools along the front window and even a few larger gathering spots for a group. Or meeting new people. Atop one wall sits a huge clock. It reminds me of something I would see in NY’s Grand Central Station. It doesn’t look at all out of place here!

Yellow Submarine

No subs here, but there is a classic circular Formica covered table in the back with three well worn office chairs. Actually, that table is not so out of character. Everything here feels as though it was just sort of found at a garage sale. Except for the majority of chairs and stools. These feel Room & Board cool. I like this coffee spot.

Tucked Away On Pearl Street

espressoria signage and selection of teasWe’re nowhere near the mall. This shop is closer to 28th Street. Its located next door to Alchemy Face Bar. Big parking lot, but difficult to snag a spot early afternoon. There is some outdoor seating both in front and out back. Boulderites will appreciate this: Espressoria sells OZO coffee beans in bulk.

If coffee is not your thing, there are plenty of delicious treats, a lunch menu with sandwiches, Odwalla cooler and even a little wire twirling unit with Boulder chips. I like the display of teas near the cashier. Like I say, good vibes here.

Coffee Fuels Boulder Realtor Bob Gordon!

Okay, so of late, I’m a coffee hound. And I have this idea – visit every coffee shop along the Pearl Street corridor, write a blog and share it with you. When I’m not blogging or enjoying an Americano espresso, I’m helping clients to buy and sell homes in Boulder Colorado.

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