Exhausting Market is like Shoveling Snow

Yesterday, I was out shoveling snow three times. It’s exhausting. Then this morning I was out there again, shoveling. This time making a pathway from the driveway to the street. Seems last night, in an effort to be helpful, the city plowed out the road. But the snow was placed in front of our driveways.

And how does this relate to the housing market?

I show clients a lot of property. Last week I had a virtual showing for out of state clients. We used Facetime, with me walking the house. While the clients contemplated what to do, the house racked up over a hundred showings.

Ultimately, fifteen (15) offers were received. Put another way, 14 would be home owners were told no. Fourteen Realtors were instructed to show their clients more houses because that one is sold to someone else. It’s a little bit frustrating and sad for clients, a little exhausting for us Realtors.

I’m happy to show clients property. But its tough to be making offers in overwhelming competition. I don’t think you should pay literally any price for a house. Overpaying isn’t an option.

So, I’m out there shoveling more snow today and we’ll be out there looking at more houses. You might think, “it’s not going to snow forever.” Or you might believe, sellers are not going to receive fifteen offers on every house.

But I’ll tell you what, that house I’m talking about? It wasn’t all that. Odd floor plan, sliding closet doors missing in both secondary bedrooms, lack of closets, wobbly fence. And it still got fifteen offers.

This is a really unheard of market plagued by a severe lack of inventory and incredibly strong demand. Like that snowstorm over the weekend, setting records in the area.

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