Frasca Boulder

Incredible Food and Wine

The first time I heard about Frasca, it was the talk of the town for being featuring in a gourmet magazine.  It might have been Bon Appetit or Gourmet. I really forget which, but it got me excited.  Here was a nationally acclaimed restaurant in my own backyard.   So I called up and was promptly told it would be thirty to sixty days before I could make a reservation.

Worth the Wait

Frasca Boulder Colorado unassuming front door to inspired cuisine
Unassuming front door to inspired cuisine

Knowing it would be so difficult to get a table, I waited for a special occasion. With my parents visiting from out of state, I made a reservation for dinner two months in advance.  Now, I’m a standard guy, so about the only thing I buy that far out are airline tickets.  Making a reservation two months in advance is a big deal.  My parents, girlfriend (now wife), son and myself all loved it. My son declared it was his new favorite spot — I had to break it to him that making reservations month in advance is not a regular thing for me.

Accolades Keep Coming For Frasca

Bob Gordon Realtor looking at the Frasca restaurantMy wife and I dined at Frasca last year.  The food is fantastic, the decor is sharp and the ambiance of the evening second to none.  I highly recommend you plan a visit.  Most recently, Frasca Food and Wine won the James Beard Foundation Award for most outstanding wine program in the United States.    Frasca focuses on finding the best Italian wines to pair with appetizers and entrees.  While some chefs focus on the most original or one-of-a-kind or unique wines. Frasca searches for exceptional wines that bring out hidden flavor when paired with exquisite food.    Douglas Brown does a fantastic write up in the Denver Post.

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