from a reunion weekend

Would you live in your parents house?

Over the weekend I visited home – back in the midwest. Central Ohio. Heck, I even went to a middle school called, wait for it, Central.

What really surprised mew was to hear of the twenty seven returning alumni, two classmates lived in the house they grew up in. Wow. I didn’t know that was so common. Considering only twenty seven of us came back – out of a whopping 366 – I’m left wondering how many other classmates live in the home they grew up in.

What about you? Would you live in the house you grew up in if that were an option? I don’t think it would be nearly as fun with my parents. Plus I would be mowing that lawn forever. Its huge.

Picking a Mortgage Lender

From time to time, I’ve had clients seek out the very best home mortgage interest rate. I get it – having the lowest rate means your home payment month to month will be lower. But at what price? As you select your lender keep in mind that its good to balance service and reliability with desired outcome. I’ve heard horror stories. And watched clients experience anxiety right up to and including at the closing table. Completely unnecessary.

A good home mortgage lender is going to get your financing completed days before the closing so you can relax and just show up and sign documents. When a client picks the wrong lender, it can be stressful right up to the last minute, wondering if the deal is going to fund on time. Sometimes with pets in the car waiting to get into that new house. Yikes! That’s no good. I always recommend two to three mortgage lenders with good track records, good rates, great service.

On Vacation and the offers roll in

It never seems to fail. Off to vacation and offers roll in. I have one property with two different buyers communicating about an offer. Another place I’m negotiating a transaction. Vacations seem to bring business – why is that? I spoke with a client/friend who told me, “As a kid, we never left on time for vacation. Mom was a Realtor and always getting last minute offers before we left town.” Great thing about modern technology, can work from anywhere.

Mid Summer BBQ Season

As summer rolls along, doing more grill food on the back patio. What’s your go-to outdoors meal? I love to grill just about anything – chicken, fish, steak, veggies. Lots of fun. A few nights ago I had some college friends over for a meal and to make calls for an upcoming event. Outdoor spaces can be great for entertaining. What sets your outside space apart?

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