Frozen Dead Guy Days 2014

Frozen Dead Guy Days sign in a pick up truck
Signage for Frozen Dead Guy Days being driven through Boulder Colorado

Let’s face it, every town has its secrets. Or not so secret things that make it special.  And for the mountain town of Nederland, a few miles outside of Boulder Colorado, that special thing is a frozen dead guy in a tuff shed.  Seriously.  Frozen Dead Guy Days is upon us and it is time to celebrate the death of “Grandpa” Bredo Morstoel, on ice since 1989.

Why Grandpa?

Bredo Morstoel was frozen upon his death. Cryogenics.  Like Sci Fi or or the famous Tom Cruise Movie Vanilla Sky.  This was back in 1989.  When the town of Nederland realized what was going on, the elders figured best to pass laws against this sort of behavior, with Bredo Morstoel being grandfathered in. Thus Grandpa.

Tuff Shed

Grandpa is stored in a Tuff shed where sixteen hundred pounds of dry ice keep him suitably chilled year round.   Until the technology exists to revive this fellow, there will be annual holiday in Nederland celebrating Frozen Dead Guy Days.  Really more of a weekend bash these days.   It’s a chance to see the fellow, participate in frozen turkey bowling and coffin races.  An all around good time can be had by all during the 2014 Frozen Dead Guy Days.

When and Where is Frozen Dead Guy Days

  • Thursday, March 7th to Sunday  March 9th 2014.
  • Hours vary, check the official site at
  • Nederland, Colorado
  • Phone: 303-506-1048


What isn’t happening at Frozen Dead Guy Days this year?  There is a polar plunge, costume events, coffin races, frozen poultry bowling and even the Frozen Dead Guy Days frozen t-shirt contest.  Miami has nothing on Boulder this Spring Break !  Here is a great post on Frozen Dead Guy Days from the unlikely source of the Best Western Plus Boulder Inn.



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