Frozen Dead Guys Day 2013

Frozen Body in Boulder

Frozen Dead Guys Day sign
Frozen Dead Guys Day

Back in 1989, “Grandpa” Bredo Morstoel passed away from heart disease. His dying request: preserve my body using cryogenics.  And to this day, thanks to constant deliveries of dry ice, there is a frozen dead guy in a Tuff Shed shack up in Nederland, just outside of Boulder.

FDGD Party 2013

Once a year, the powers that be put on a big shindig to celebrate Frozen Dead Guy Days.  There are all the fun activities you might expect – a parade of hearses and coffin races.  A big ball to mark the occasion, plenty of live bands at bars to entertain the crowds.  There are also some great events. The frozen T-Shirt contest requires teams to put on a t-shirt that has been frozen on ice for the past 72 hours. Not as easy as it sounds.  Then there is Turkey bowling and new this year, Snowy Volleyball – which with the blizzard is apt to be really snowy.

Frozen dead guys day 2013
Renzo and his wife posing with their Frozen Dead Guys Day sign in Boulder, Colorado (I saw the sign on Friday and had to get a picture)


Vanilla Sky and Grandpa on ice

What do you think? One day science will bring back Grandpa from the dead? Or one day someone will say, “What were you thinking freezing this guy in a Tuff Shed for decades?”  Okay – for me, it’s the latter.  But hey, this one of those things that makes Boulder so much fun.  If you can, get up to Nederland this weekend and check out Grandpa. Otherwise, get online and check the latest photos.  Frozen Dead Guys Day takes place Friday March 8th to Sunday March 10th; 8 to 8:30 pm Saturday and 8-6 pm Sunday. Official site is

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