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Hosting an Effective Garage Sale

Garage Sale
when your garage looks like this, you are ready for a garage sale!

A garage sale is a wonderful tactic to reduce your clutter when you prepare to sell your Boulder home Here is my guide to hosting an effective garage sale while poppin some tags.

When it comes to hosting a successful garage sale, be sure to think beyond just placing all your stuff on a table in the yard.  For a truly successful sale, you will plan, organize, advertise and execute and then have a plan in place for everything that didn’t sell.

Timing your garage sale

The best garage sales don’t take place in a single day. Clear a space in your garage or near the door to start stacking all your valued treasures that have been gathering dust.  What goes? If you haven’t used a kitchen item in the past year, you probably won’t next year.  Have a clothing item that no longer fits or simply is out of style? Why save it.

Have too much to know where to begin? Consider hiring someone like Leigh Dyer of In Dire Need; she can help you sort and de-clutter.  Group your stuff into categories – Kitchen, children’s toys, yard, etc.  Garage sale enthusiasts will appreciate being able to find the things they cherish quickly and efficiently, leading to faster sales for you.

Single most important phone call

Before you set the date for your garage sale, think about what you will do with all your unsold stuff after the sale.  The most important phone call is setting up a pick up date with ARC or Goodwill (or a similar).  These groups will take your unwanted furniture, gently used clothing and stuff free of charge.   And they will pick it up, provided you give them enough advance notice.

Find out when one or two of these organizations can make a pick up — and set your garage sale for the weekend immediately before the pick up date.


Now that you have a pick up date for your unsold goods, a sales date in mind and your stuff set aside, it is time to price everything. Consider a color coding system. This way you avoid writing prices that may change during the day.

Remember on the day of the sale, people love bargains. Offer three for one deals or buy one get one free for items like CD’s and old movies.   And of course, the garage sale goal is to get rid of your stuff, not get rich.

Getting the word out about your garage sale

When it comes to advertising your garage sale, there are plenty of places to get the word out. Post an ad on Facebook; social media is a great way to announce your garage sale.  Add a posting in Craigslist. If you have large items (or antiques or specialty items), consider advertising these in advance of the sale at higher prices.  There are plenty of garage sale specific websites so be sure to advertise on these well in advance.  My friend Allen gets two lists a week emailed to him by Wednesday evening of upcoming garage and estate sales.  If possible, add photographs of your belongings to the online ads, so buyers can see how wonderful your gently used items are.

The Day of the garage sale

Signs are key to driving traffic above and beyond your ad.  Place several signs on major artery streets near your house; be sure to have your address on signs, use directional arrows and write in BIG print so buyers can see the information from their cars.

Be kind, consider having lemonade or water. Or let your child have a bake sale.  Be sure to have plenty of small bills and coins to make change, and use caution.  Leaving a money box about might seem like a good idea, but remember, you are inviting strangers over. So keep your money in a safe place and under your control at all times.  Don’t let anyone into your house for any reason.  There are public restrooms nearby; you don’t want an unescorted stranger in your house.

Have fun, have a great garage sale and enjoy getting rid of all that junk. Now there is space in the house for you to go to garage sales and do some shopping.


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