It doesn’t really matter who your candidate is, now is the time to get out the vote. One party says, vote like your life depends upon it. Another party says they are going to win. To me, it is not so much about who might win (I do have my preference), but more about just getting involved and having your voice count.

While millions and millions of ballots will be cast in the 2020 election, it seems reasonable to me to believe that every vote will matter. I look back to 2016 and the winner was decided by a few tens of thousands of votes. Look back to 1998 and you see it came down to a few hundred votes in one single Florida county.

And the Supreme Court. But let’s not complicate things.

Pictured above I’m voting by mail in ballot here in Lafayette Colorado. I dropped my ballot off at an official ballot box at the Layette Public Library. And then used an online service from Boulder county to verify my ballot was counted. That extra step makes me feel good after going to the trouble to get out the vote personally.

What’s your plan? Will you be voting on election day, requesting an Absentee ballot or simply mailing in the one supplied by your state? I will say this about mail in ballots. Colorado has had it for years. It works great. There is something fun about going in person, but the convenience of just filling it out at home and then dropping off – well, I like this method a great deal.

Tuesday is bound to be an interesting day. I’m pretty sure no matter what the outcome, folks will be buying and selling houses next week all the same.

Happy Halloween! I’m Bob Gordon Realtor and I approve this message! LOL.

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