Getting a deal on Boulder Co rentals

Presidential Candidate Favors Real Estate Wealth

Maybe it is a strategy to wealth or you are temporarily moving out of the area.  Could be you dream of being the next Donal Trump or you simply want to retire with security.  Having Boulder Co rentals can be a great opportunity or a burden. So be careful drafing your Boulder lease agreement.  You’ll want to consider all the risks your property will be open to when someone other than you is living there.

Patios, Decks And Plants

These features all add value and appeal to a home.  Plants can be as inexpensive and simple as a basket of pretty flowers at the front door.  On the other hand, a tenant with a medical marijuana license and 99 plants, not so good.

Having a clause in your lease to cover what is acceptable in and outdoors is a good idea.  Your idea of budget furniture and a tenant’s could be different.  A couch on the deck is a great idea until a Boulder thunderstorm appears on a cloudless day and turns it into a giant mold growing sponge.

Your leasing agreement is going to protect you and you Boulder Co rentals from problem calls from neighbors upset by unsightly furniture or the all too often cinder blocks and two by four seats.

Green Thumb or Dirt Eyesore

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My wife has a green thumb.  She loves to plant beautiful hanging baskets and keep our lawn a deep shiny green.  But what about your tenant?  Before you let them grow whatever they desire, consider the repercussions.  Remember in your lease to require watering from tenants and perhaps limit what can be grown.

This is Colorado, where pot is mostly legal.  Take the time to be specific, tenants could grow six marijuana plants inside one of your Boulder Co rentals.  Do you really want pot grown on your property?  Did you know the state of Colorado will up that number to 99 if the tenant fills out a standard request?

And not all potted plants are good for home.  Consider requiring in your Boulder lease agreement that protectors and dishes to collect excess water will be placed under potted plants.   Also, tenants should not place potted plants in busy places – such as shared walkways where another person could trip or injure themselves.  This is a liability issue.

The goals in your rental agreement should be safety, risk management and protecting your Boulder Co rentals.  Consider limitations on what can be placed on the patio.  Something heavy or extremely dirty can damage your exterior space.  Do you want a large play structure or trampoline on the lawn, in one place, where it might kill your lawn?

Grills are a big deal in summer months.  Think of summer holidays and I think of Bar B Ques, burgers and brats.  Problem is, even gas grills can expose an attached dwelling or house to significant risk.

To Grill or Not to Grill

Do this and you’ll never allow another outdoor cooking device!  Google Fried Turkey and you are just as likely to find a YouTube video of a house fire disaster as directions on cooking a turkey in this manner.  In Boulder especially, gas grills can be a liability. Many condo communities are banning the popular grills following three major fires in Gold Run.  In each of the fires, tenants in Boulder Co rentals accidentally set fires on decks that got out of control once coming into contact with propane tanks which acted as an accelerator.

Last Thoughts: Remember For Good Boulder Co Rentals Experiences

You get one opportunity to find the perfect tenant for your any of your Boulder Co rentals.  Take the time to research your choice, and be prepared for the property to be vacant while you select the best possible candidate.  Then, besides collecting the rent, you’ll want to check in from time to time on your Boulder co investment property.  And finally, work with a professional to have a lease that protects you and your property!
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