Getting The Most Out Of Your Home

Thinking of selling? This is the market to seriously consider it. But then what? What steps can you take to ensure you are getting the most out of your home when it goes up for sale? I’m a full time Realtor with twenty five years experience. Here’s my top ten list of things you want to do – even in this market today!

  1. Hire a Pro. There are ads for discount brokers. I hear radio commercials for iBrokers. Cash offers today, no fuss. I don’t buy it. The best way to get the very most for your house is listing it with a professional, collecting multiple offers and selling for the highest and best price.
  2. Bring in high quality professional photography. A huge number of home buyers start the process online. Great pictures = more showings set, higher interest from buyers. The more interest you can generate, the more offers you can receive. More offers translates to better than full price sales price.
  3. De-clutter. Follow the Marie Kondo Way. Or simply box up your crap, er, treasures before hitting the market! This is about getting the most out of your home – literally the stuff that clutters it and then the most moolah when you sell it.
  4. Clean, clean, clean. I’m not a cleaner, not according to my wife. In fact, I’m sort of messy. But I do enjoy living in a tidy home. And it’s a lot more enjoyable to show clean, fresh smelling homes than dirty ones. So, clean up before the photographers arrive. Have the windows professionally cleaned. Clean the carpets. Deep clean the kitchen!
  5. One of the tricks to getting the most out of your house is making a great first impression. This time of year, an easy trick is bringing in fresh mulch. In the Fall it can be fresh paint. In the midst of summer, fresh colorful flowers at the front door. Year-round, add a fresh coat of paint to the Front Door. And make sure its easy to operate the lock at the front door. First impressions go a long ways!!
  6. Speaking of the Front Door, why not install a Smart Lock? Rather than have a key and a lockbox and all that, your listing agent can give out a code to your front door – you can always change the codes to keep your house safe. Meanwhile, you’ll also be marketing the great technology the home buyer will receive when buying your house!
  7. What about odors? It might take painting or Kilz to eliminate some odors, especially if you like to partake or are a lifelong smoker. Eliminating odors pays off. It’s all about getting the most out of your home when you sell.
  8. Disclose everything you know about the house! A few years back, I represented a couple with a big dog on a home purchase. Stephanie and Josh had the home inspected. They brought their parents over. They spent time in the house. And yet, post closing, their dog went nuts. It hated the carpeting in the family room. Come to find out, the former owners had kept a lot of dogs – sometimes dozens – inside the house. The carpets had been soiled. But the seller never disclosed any of this. So I helped my clients get a top notch lawyer and a big time settlement. They replaced that nasty carpet with real hardwood flooring! This all could have been avoided, had the seller merely been honest and disclosed the condition in writing ahead of time.
  9. Finish your Honey-Do list. Does the paint need touching up? Is there a room you’ve been meaning to have re-carpeted? Is there a piece of furniture you’ve meaning to move out? Even in this market, it pays to take care of the little things. Homes with a few rough edges show in one light. Homes in perfect condition radiate that. Remember, our Job # 1 goal is your getting the most of of your home when it sells.
  10. Between the health safety of you and your family, as well as the sheer number of showings when you hit the market, why not get out of town for a few days!?! Plan to be elsewhere so showings can occur nonstop for a few days when the house first hits the market. This way you can have the most showings and stay safe. Don’t forget – take your dog with you!!
room in need of decluttering as part of your sixty day moving checklist. there is stuff every where piled up in messy room
3. De-Clutter, gift to goodwill and plan as you go.
colorful flower basket on deck in boulder colo
Fresh flowers, potted at the front door make a BIG first impression.
Superior Decorative
Our painter Glen is hard at work. Fresh paint makes a big diffeence
young couple with dog buying first home
Take your furry four legged friend to Day Camp (out of the house) when showings start!

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