Gladly pay you a dollar tomorrow for a hamburger today

Do you like burgers? I have a soft spot for good hamburgers.  I’ve watched shows on television and then visited places all over the country in search of a locally made tasty burger.  Twenty years ago, I visited Five Guys Burgers in the Washington, D.C. area and was impressed.  Knowing I will soon be able to have these great burgers at The 29th Street Mall is super news. I’ve been to the location in Longmont a few times.

Boulder Burgers

But then again, Boulder has a number of really good burger spots. Long time residents will argue the ultimate burger is at Tom’s Tavern.  Only problem is, Tom’s Tavern closed four or five years ago. But that was a fun place to get a good meal.

Larkburger on Arapahoe is a fantastic burger joint.  The food is very fresh, hot and tasty.  Enjoy the string like fries, hot enough to hurt when first brought to your table. The sandwiches are deliciously prepared and have a good sauce.  If there is any drawback, it is exemplified by the rather small five dollar shake. This place is pricey, but oh so good with a fun atmosphere.

Lafayette Burgers

Over in Lafayette, there is Smash Burger. The chain is coming on strong in Colorado with numerous locations.  We like this hamburger spot a lot.  Big milkshakes, well priced burgers. Try the Colorado burger with Jalapenos and Pepper Jack cheese. Your taste buds will be thanking you.

There are plenty of other good burger spots in Boulder – Red Robbin has an Express  Burger, most places serve burgers.  What is your favorite burger? Please let me know, I’m always looking for a good burger in town.

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