Good Morning World

It’s a new year and I feel refreshed. In some ways, nothing has really changed.

Still, I can’t help but wonder (and hope) for how all this change will impact our Boulder real estate market. For instance…

Things I Miss In The Pandemic

  • I miss getting out to the Pearl Street Mall and wandering about. We used to roll downtown for breakfast at our favorite Snooze. Sure, there are locations all around the metro area these days, but the hotspot just off the Mall is a great location. Near plenty of fun shops to while away the wait! Our town had a booming tourism business, and while parking is much easier these days, I know our shops & business community need the return of visitors.
  • Going to the gym. Okay, I’ve added a home gym to my house. I have to admit though I miss my coach and the camaraderie of a good health club experience. I don’t miss the people strutting about partially covered in the locker room though!
  • Dinner out with my wife in Boulder. Worse yet, so many of our favorite spots were forced to close during the pandemic. Maybe though, like the way a forest blooms after a fire, Boulder will create all sorts of new and amazing dining spots to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. I’m looking forward to that.

What makes your list of missing experiences these days?

January Brings Inventory Bump

Are you experiencing the bump in housing stock? While inventory remains a major factor in this area, there are definitely more homes for sale with the calendar moving from 2020 to the new year. I’ve been showing clients homes all over the metro area.

Have iPad, will FaceTime. If you would like a virtual showing, I can do that as well. Have clients in the midwest looking to make a move to the Front Range and have shown two houses via FaceTime.

One of the advantages of actually having me get inside before making a decision from afar is that pictures can be deceiving. I’ve visited a few homes that look so amazing onscreen, but then in person turn out to be dark, dated, smaller.

Time Is Now To Prep Your House For Market

Are you contemplating buying or selling Boulder real estate this year? Now is the time to get your home ready for the market. If you are hoping to have your house listed this summer, be sure to check out my Spring suggestions to get the house tip top.

Or, if you are hoping to make a move sooner, contact me, Bob Gordon. We can start working now on a custom plan to achieve your real estate goals.

How Is The Boulder Real Estate Market?

There is a question I used to hear at parties all the time. Now, muffled through a mask chatting with neighbors around our community Trails at Coal Creek.

Colorado Home Sellers

You want to be aware inventory continues to be an issue. So its a good time to get your house listed. But you also want to be aware buyers are hyper aware of the market. Some home buyers have made two, three or more offers.

The homes selling the fastest offer the best locations, finishes, presentation.

Don’t just put the house up willy-nilly. Take the time to prep, stage and show your home in the best possible light. De-clutter and clean before the first person ever steps inside. And with covid-19, be ready to stay away from your house during the showing period for your safety.

I wonder, btw, if the open house will fade away following this pandemic. There are real mixed thoughts on the safety and efficacy of open houses. Plus, you look at the loss of this selling tool. There have been few in person open houses since March of last year, and yet the housing market continues to outperform.

Buying Your First Home

Clients want to keep in mind, the market is moving quickly. Things are competitive.

Multiple offers are no longer unheard of, they are the norm. Especially in entry level price points. What’s that mean you ask? In Boulder, where median home prices top a million bucks, entry level single family homes are $600,000 to $800,000. Be ready for competition the day a house in that price range hits the market.

Travel down the road to Lafayette, and the entry level price of a home is in the 400’s. Location plays a big role here.

Home Buyers are also well served to work with an agent. I know, I’m an agent so you figure that’s what I would say. But with the crazy competitive nature of the market, you really need someone looking out for your best interests. Best might not be the lowest price for a home. Best might be winning that negotiation and getting the house of your dreams!

Plus, a good buyer’s agent can assist in understanding what’s a critical issue and what isn’t. True story. Had a client in a back up position recently. The primary contract had a super low appraisal. Off by over six figures.

My client had a real opportunity to move from back up to first position. But, I have to credit the buyer’s agent that was helping clients in the first position. That was a knowledgeable agent that understood the appraisal was flat out incorrect.

And that buyer closed the sale bringing $120,000 over the appraised price to close and stay under contract. My client? Devastated. We really tried everything we could. But I have to give kudos to that other buyer’s agent. Because knowledgeable Realtors are going to present clients with all the information to make the best informed decisions.

Happy New Year

So, nothing has really changed. We still have all sorts of political drama in the news. The coronavirus is still incredibly scary and dangerous out there. But, there is hope in the air. And that’s a powerful thing.

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