Green Mountain Cemetery

Boulder Community Gem Tucked Away

It is almost a bit embarrassing to mention that in all the time I’ve lived in the Boulder area, I’ve never known of the Green Mountain Cemetery. This is absolutely a community gem, tucked away at the back of the of the Bluebell and Chautauqua neighborhoods.  This amazing final resting place is filled with iconic views of the majestic Flatiron mountains.  A brief glance reveals that it is the final resting place of many of Boulder’s initial inhabitants. 

green mountain cemetery mountain view
An iconic view at Green Mountain Cemetery in Boulder Colorado

As final resting places go, this is an amazing cemetery.  The views are stunning, the grounds immaculate and feeling serene and peaceful.  And, I’m not ashamed to admit it, somehow I’ve never noticed the cemetery before.  This vast sixty acre site is close to so much I love in Boulder and yet, just tucked away enough that I’ve never noticed it before.

entry to green mountain cemetery
The entry from Chautauqua neighborhood to Green Mountain Cemetery
mountain views in boulder colorado
Hillside view with final resting spot in the foreground


Official Green Mountain Cemetery Information

Green Mountain Cemetery is located at 290 20th St, Boulder, Colorado,  Phone:  (303) 444-5695.  Official website with additional information.  The site invites the public to visit and view this comforting memorial park.

cu boulder view from memorial park
Mountain views, the Flatirons, views of CU Boulder.

 Though not the subject I would normally think of – the end, I think this is a very lovely space.   Amazing views, mature graceful trees, a calmness in the air.   And it is always interesting, to find a new space in the place you call home.  Sometime, I hope to have the opportunity to revisit Green Mountain Cemetery and walk about.  To really take in serenity of the place and also the history, the reminder of those who came before.

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  1. It really does look like such a peaceful place. It’s always so surprising when you find something in your home town that you never even noticed was there. It just goes to show that there’s more to Boulder than even the lifelong residents know.


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