Gunbarrel Commons Park Association, Inc.

Private NoBo park operated by five Home Owner’s Associations. These include:

  1. Willow Brook
  2. Powderhorn
  3. Huntington Point
  4. Hunter Creek
  5. Habitat

Each of the communities contributes dues to the maintenance of the community park. In years’ past there have been some fabulous food truck parties associated with the park. Gunbarrel Commons Park boasts picnic tables, a walking trail, a basketball court and some adorable little foot bridges.

Spring Photos of Gunbarrel Commons Park

Looking west across Gunbarrel Commons Park with the Hunter Creek condo subdivision in the near distance and the Rocky Mountains just visible on the horizon
Strands of trees, little seasonal creeks, plenty of open park space to throw a Frisbee or relax. There is also a concrete basketball court (not pictured).
Playground and swings
Walking path with workout station in sight. The Powderhorn community next door has an amazing workout path as part of it’s amenities.

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