Historic Boulder Colorado

Today I attended an event about historic Boulder Colorado.  I learned Boulder has been the “It place” since 1859 when citizens held the first municipality meeting ever.  Back then, the biggest concern was too many billboards.

Boulder Flatiron Mountains
Iconic Boulder Flatirons

By 1894, Colorado was known for having given women the right to vote – ahead of California.  Boulder has been a progressive place ever since.  Today, it is a hub for natural and organic foods, technological innovation and social equality.  Open space is championed by the citizens.  One of our most popular tourists atractions is from overseas: The Dushanbe Teahouse, is a gift from our sister city in Tajikistan.  Folks also love the hand-carved wooden animals of The Carousel of Happiness, just up Boulder Canyon in nearby Nederland, one of ten municipalities making up Boulder County.

Through the years, historic Boulder Colorado has had all sorts of adventures.  The longest unsolved homicide goes back to the 1920’s when police officer Elmer Cobb was murdered.  The prime suspect? The chief of police, suspected of having a hit man take out the officer who knew too much about his moonshine and alcohol running activities during prohibition.

Just after WW II, the city’s population tripled as government laboratories and big business moved into the area.  Housing was so desperately needed, that married CU students lived in trailers without private bathrooms – sharing a central bath house.  According to lore, these trailers were quite romantic.

Blogger Bob Gordon on Carousel of Happiness
Blogger Bob Gordon on Carousel of Happiness writes about historic Boulder Colorado

In the sixties, I.M. Pei designed the National Center for Atmospheric Research, NCAR.  The iconic building has been featured in Woody Allen’s film, Sleeper.

In 1979, Mork and Mindy the television sit-com about an alien coming to Earth blasted into pop culture, landing in Boulder.  It was the break out comedy of the year.  Today, clients are still amused to drive by the house at 1619 Pine Street.


Bicycle and Ped Footbridge
Footbridge over Boulder Creek

Speaking of today, there are three hundred miles of bicycle paths and our population boasts the highest percentage of US citizens who bike to work on a regular basis (ten percent!).  Our city streets boast seventy seven bike and pedestrian underpasses.  Sixty percent of the downtown workforce commutes by foot, bike or bus.  Permanently Affordable housing is offered to keep Boulder accessible for all and the County has 85,000 acres of designated Open Space, creating a beautiful landscape that is also very friendly to agriculture.

What do you love about our town? Past, present or historic Boulder Colorado?  Do you have a tale to share about this wonderful community? I would enjoy hearing your story.


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