Holiday House Sale

So, sure, its the holidays. Things slow down and no one is buying or selling houses this time of year. Except for one thing. Holiday house sale numbers tell a different story.

Contrary to popular belief, this time of year is a great time to buy and sell Boulder real estate.

Housing Myth Vs Reality

Where is the disconnect? Well, its true. Fewer people tend to move from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. But that doesn’t mean no one moves. And I’ll share a secret. People that have to move this time of year are really motivated.

But I’m jumping ahead of myself. Here are some good reasons for you to consider moving now. First and foremost: home mortgage interest rates have fallen.

Home Mortgage Rates Improve

Its all economics. There is turmoil in the stock markets and money is flowing to bonds/safety. As this occurs the yields adjust and home mortgage rates fall.

Lower rates mean lower house payments or the ability to use this holiday house sale time to afford more home. And guess what? There is less competition because of this misguided idea that homes just don’t sell this time of year.

This one, btw, is not going to last. The Federal Reserve has been steadily increasing rates and selling mortgage backed securities. It is safe to assume home mortgage rates will be higher in the near future. So why wait to pay more?

Home Sellers Know Now Is The Time

Another great reason to get into the housing market this time of year? In a few days, it is the 1st of the New Year! Many smart home owners are using this slow holiday time to get their homes listed for sale.

Ancillary services such as photography sites and home inspectors have more flexible schedules to accommodate Boulder home sellers prepping their property to look great on the market on the 1st of the new year.

Some companies even offer extra services complimentary or highly discounted. So Seller clients get more value!

Santa Paws and dog, louisville family animal hospital
Celebrating the holidays with our Santa Paws event this year was great fun. And my client, Adam, closed on his new Boulder county home in December. Yay.

Grab Your Holiday House Sale Opportunity

For home sellers or buyers or even first time home buyers, having less competition is great. Sellers love it because their house stands out as a shiny beacon of home. That one fantastic property .

Back to home buyers taking advantage of holiday home sale opportunities. You can’t under estimate the advantage of eliminating competition.

In the heat of the market this Spring, multiple offers are going to occur. But now, as Rudolph guides Santa round, you might be the only offer. And that makes for opportunity. To get a great deal.

I know, you are thinking if the seller just waits for the Spring – multiple offers galore. Except, what if your property is not amazing nor a nothing burger. Its just a house.

Why compete with that home seller that put in every imaginable upgrade? Or the house that seems to be under priced? Or risk volatility in jobs market impacting housing values.

Winter home sales benefit from the time of year.

I’m Selling My Home And Buying a New Home

Oh, for holiday house shoppers seeking the best of all worlds, this can be a fantastic time to move. You are selling one and buying another.

This can be a good moment to get under contract on your new dream home. Sellers receiving your one and only offer are more open to a contingency.

Uh oh, just noticed the time. Have to run and show some properties to my holiday house sale shopping clients today. Give me a shout if I can assist you!

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Here is another good article. It points out another category of home buyer I should have mentioned. Relocation clients. In fact, I showed Allison, a fellow Ohio Wesleyan graduate property this holiday season. She is considering a relo to the area with her husband.

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