Home Buying Tips And Tricks

Home Buying Is Emotional

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Don’t be fooled by staged homes. I have a great list of home buying tips and tricks to save you money.

When it comes to buying your home, be prepared to fall hard and fast in love.  Home buying is emotional.  After all, this is where you will be calling home.    Having a reliable Realtor on your side to ensure a smooth transaction is key.  There are a number of home buying tips and tricks you can utilize to safeguard your chances of closing.

Letter To Owner

Remember, I mentioned home buying is emotional. So my #1 recommendation (after making a respectable offer) is to include a hand-written note to the owner.  This might seem like a silly home buying tips and tricks bit of advice, but it does work.  Bond with the seller.  Especially with multiple offers, the owner may take a personal interest in you.

Cross Your T’s Dot the I’s

It should be common sense.  Being well prepared is part of my home buying tips and tricks.  Surprising, not all real estate agents manage this.  What I mean is – have all the contracts and addenda signed in advanced.  Include a copy of the earnest money with the offer.  Have the buyers mortgage lender aware of the offer so he or she is prepared for the inevitable phone call, “does the buyer qualify.”  Submitting a great offer and having a request for confirmation of receipt – small details, but oh-so-important.

Know How To Handle Multiple Offers

Imagine for a moment, we found your dream home. But there is another offer.   Some of the most important home buying tips and tricks I have learned deal with coming out the winner in a multiple bid scenario.  Knowing what to do is critical to winning the home of your dreams.

Myth: The Best Deals Are Online

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Home buying tips and tricks come into play when negotiating inspection resolution – so you get the house and the seller pays to correct the issues

All to frequently, I hear the best deals are online. The best loans. The tale of the least expensive house.  An opportunity to buy homes through some system.  Don’t believe everything you hear.   Many of the home buying tips and tricks I recommend are from experience.  A solid mortgage broker who is local to and knows the area is very important.  You need someone who is vested in the transaction.  Sure, there are plenty of companies willing to offer the lowest rates to entice your business, but will they care if it closes or not?   I have a list of wonderful mortgage loan officers and home inspectors and title insurance companies – folks that will get the deal closed.

Remember, you can’t smell cat pee online. 

Give Me A Call

When you are ready to find your dream home, give me call. Let’s put my list of home buying tips and tricks to work for you to ensure we get the house of your dreams. 

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