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Home Improvement Season: Summer is DIY time

Summer is a great time to consider a home improvement project.    Inside or out, this is the time of year when we have extra time to work on on a Boulder home improvement instead of watching television or being stuck with inclement weather.

My experience with home improvement

A few years back, I decided I wanted to change the area where my television sits. I had seen a very cool built-in while showing property.  So, I started searching for images on the internet. Shortly thereafter, I found an image that looked like what I had in mind, then got in touch with a handyman friend.  I showed Allen the photograph and – very important – measured my flat-screen television set.  Then Allen got to work and created my built-in.

I have done similar projects around my home with an outdoor flagstone patio, front landscaping including raised hardscape and even adding trees.

home improvement ideas
I liked the patio and retaining wall.
diy home improvement retaining wall
We changed materials and created a retaining wall in our front garden

Below is a great video I viewed today all about a super fun tool to help you envision your next project.  Check it out.  I wish I had access to this really cool tool on my retaining wall project.

My next DIY project, what’s yours?

Our next project at our house is getting completely moved in.  We need to empty all of these boxes and create a useable space.  LOL. After that, I hope to have time to envision a really fun use for this space – I’m thinking music, books and video library/poker room.  However, I think my wife might have other plans. We’ll just have to use the Snagit tool and see what looks best for our home improvement project.  I’m Bob Gordon, I’m blogging daily on Boulder homes for sale. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

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