Home In Boulder Colorado For Under $300,000

Own Your Own Home In Boulder Colorado For Under $300,000 In 2020

That probably can’t be right. That has to be the very first thing you are saying. There is no way there is a gorgeous single family home on a nice street in Boulder priced for less than $300,000.  And yet, there is.

Home In Boulder Colorado For Under $300,000

The Fine Print.  This house is part of the city’s Permanently affordable program. It does not qualify for investors.  It must be owner occupied. There are some additional restrictions.  I’ve blogged about PA houses a few times.  Here are some helpful informational posts:

Basically, owners are limited to a certain income level based upon a formula the city calculates. The house (generally speaking) must be owner occupied.  You cannot own other real estate. Provided you meet the criteria with the city program AND qualify for financing, this is an amazing opportunity to be in a gorgeous home in Boulder Colorado for under $300,000 — an unheard of low price.


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