Home Inspection Boulder

What if the house needs work?

Home Inspection Boulder - Jon in foreground, inspector from Firefly pointing out a feature of concernPart of the Colorado home buying process is a Boulder Home Inspection.  This is a very important part of the process of the home ownership.  The home inspection gives buyers an opportunity to ensure the house they are purchasing is in good condition.

First Home Buyer or Repeat

Whether you are an experienced home buyer or this will be your first Casa, an inspection is an integral part of the process.  Think of the inspection as the operating instructions for your new pad.  Some it  items occur in just about every home inspection – grade sloping to the house, reversed polarity on outlets, items that might have been to code when constructed, but today are no longer.   In the video below, Tom with Firefly Inspections discusses why a home inspection is so important.

How do you work through the issues that are real concerns versus the items that are merely items you can address in the future? That is part of my duties as your agent – to help you understand your inspection report.  We don’t want to lose the perfect house over a non-issue nor do we want to be burdened by a major expense post closing.  I have eighteen years experience with home inspections to assist you.

Types of Home Inspections

The best inspection to start with is a general home inspection.  This one generally comes with a detailed report and includes photographs of items that are concerns in your future home.  Depending upon the age of the house or outcome of the initial inspection, a radon test, air quality test or sewer line scope can be the next step.  While any house can have a sewer issue, it might be less of a concern on a newer house.  Likewise, while radon is common in Colorado, it is less of a concern if the property has no basement.  What to do if the seller has already mitigated radon? Believe it or not, you may still want to test.  Why? Not all systems function the way you want.  I took an additional four hour course on radon in order to provide you the best service.


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