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collage photo of properties with a home owners association in Boulder ColoradoModern living is about the community as much as your personal home. Frequently these days, buyers will find homes with an HOA – Home Owners Association – as part and parcel of the property.  Home Owners Associations can be good and bad.  On the one hand, they add accountability and continuity inside a community. On the other, it might add a sense of restriction.  A well managed home owners association brings value to a neighborhood or development and is a positive factor for the owner.

Managing The Community

A duty of your home owners association is managing the community property.  In an attached dwelling, this can be having exterior hazard insurance and trust accounts saving for future repairs. All the landscaping needs to be maintained, swimming pools properly heated or cooled. You get the idea.  The HOA in an attached community is also responsible for getting FHA certification– this is a bigger (i.e. more complicated) deal than it used to be!

Managing Expectations

Alas, your home owners association will sometimes also be in charge of what changes are allowed. This is handled through an Architectural Review Committee.  The HOA is also tasked with making certain everyone pays dues on time.   Sometimes a home owners association is the place to start with a noisy neighbor or an unsightly deck.

But Wait There’s More

Ever see those late night sales pitches, But wait, when you order now we’ll throw in…HOA’s are much more than just rules and services for a community.  Home Owners Associations can be a very social element of where you live.  In northeast Boulder, the several home owners associations pooled resources to create Food Truck Night. A lively party centered around a community feast.  Similarly, Prospect in Longmont has created the same experience.   Pool parties, wine tastings and Fourth of July events are common  events provided through a home owners association.

Bottom Line On Home Owners Association

The best home owners association feels like a friend – managing parties and events, informing you of upcoming maintenance projects and taking care of your home before you even need worry.

Finding Your HOA Information

Give me a call. I can assist in looking up the home owners association information for your community.  The State of Colorado DORA offers official support services as well.

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