How To Winterize Boulder Realestate Property

Protect Water Pipes From Freezing

Where living spaces are connected to non-heated areas of the house, such as your garage freezing outside temperatures can put your Boulder Co real estate at risk.  On very cold days, consider opening faucets to a slow drip.  A little precaution will go a long ways towards protecting your Boulder realestate investment.

Don’t Forget Boulder Houses Outdoor Faucets

Prior to temperatures falling, be certain to disconnect all garden hoses at the hose bib.  The spigot can freeze and then when defrosting during a thaw break indoor water pipes.  Water damage can drastically impact your realestate Boulder home value!

Fireplaces Are Common In Boulder Colorado Real Estate

So be smart.  Have a chimney sweep visit on an annual basis (or at least once every several years). Definitely have your chimney swept before use when moving into a new residence!  Be sure the flue is open on wood burning units.

Before Placing Boulder Real Estate For Sale Service Furnace

Two suggestions here. First, having your HVAC system cleaned and serviced annually – say late summer or early Fall, is a good idea in Colorado.  This will help ensure proper operation when temps fall in the winter.   Also, be sure to change out filters.  The arrows need to point in the same direction as the airflow. 

This is a good thing to do before listing your home for sale. And a smart move before winter.  Colorado real estate owners know temps can fall suddenly.  Don’t get caught without heat this winter!

Remember to keep your heat above sixty in the winter – especially in vacant homes.  Low temps can lead to freezing and flooding.  Especially disastrous on vacant homes for sale Boulder CO, etc.

Don’t forget to winterize the swamp cooler.  Emptying the water line and adding a cover will extend the lifespan of these beautiful units.

Clear Gutters Before Winter

Unlike, say Ohio, weather here can be cold as heck one day and warming to Spring-like temps the next.  So be sure to winterize Boulder realestate by having the gutters cleaned in late Fall.   Keeping these clear of leaves and debris will ensure snow melt can run off your roof and away from your house all winter long. Protecting your roof and foundation – two of pricier systems on your house.

Shake Snow Off Trees And Shrubs

Whether a rental, owner occupied or one of the currently listed homes for sale Boulder at the moment, be sure to shake the snow off your trees and shrubs when we get those early Fall showers. Or late Spring dust ups

Use a broom or stick to gently shake your trees.  All that heavy snow, caught on leaves, can do a lot of damage to our outdoor living spaces!  The last thing you want to do is spend a zillion bucks with your local florists in Boulder replacing damaged landscaping!

Replace Batteries In Smoke Detectors

Good annual winterizing suggestion.  Keep your family safe with properly operating safety gear.   We change our batteries out for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors every Fall. 

We place the old batteries in a bin for the kids to grab for their video game controllers and what not.  When the batteries are finally worn out, we recycle everything at the CHARM facility in Boulder.

Bob Gordon, presenting Boulder snow day update video
Here is Boulder RealEsate Pro Bob Gordon on a snow day, ready to shovel (check out the ski tickets on jacket).

Snow Removal Requirements For Your Boulder Realestate

Doesn’t matter if it is for sale, vacant, rented or owner occupied.  Or in this town, sometimes it can be all of the above.  Boulder County requires prompt snow removal on public spaces – ie keep the sidewalk/s in front and along the side of your house free of snow in the winter.

Boulder Realestate Winter Lawn Care

Colorado is a semi-arid region. Grass and landscaping can really dry out in the dead of winter. Consider watering (be sure to disconnect hoses afterwards) once or twice on warm days.  Wrap trees in the winter to protect against sun and frost bite. 

Mow late in the Fall and pick up all the leaves before the first snow arrives. 

Best Green Lawn Trick: fertilize before the first snow.  All that snowpack on a fertilized yard is great for a beautiful healthy lawn come Springtime next year.

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