January Blogging Goal

Set and met an ambitious goal to write a blog everyday in January 2021. In case you missed it, here are some of the posts I wrote for the month! To start the month out, I asked, “how do you decorate the area behind your stove?’ Let’s face it, in the age of the pandemic, a little change of decor ban go a long ways while we are all living at home.

Or maybe you are not living at home. With the sun shinning, case numbers falling and the vaccines getting into arms, are you finding it possible to isolate less and socialize more? I know home showings are more brisk than last year and entry level housing is moving quickly. I blogged on the subject on the 2nd of January, reviewing what exactly the term, Days On Market references!

boulder realtor bob gordon in red ski jacket with santa claus hat at vail with mountains in background
Holiday photo at Vail, circa 2019. Blog is all about defining Days On Market. An important statistic, in this Seller’s Market, especially for entry level home buyers.https://boulderrealestatenews.com/understanding-days-on-market-statistics/

Waiving Your Home Inspection Objection Is Not Not Having An Inspection

These are unique times in residential real estate, not merely in Boulder Colorado but across the nation. Making more competitive offers can mean waiving objections built into the Colorado Contract To Buy and Sell Real Estate.

Some home buyers are waiving the inspection objection clause in their offer. This makes for a much more competitive offer, but it also exposes buyers to some liability. I tell my clients, just because you agree not to object, doesn’t mean you needn’t inspect. A home inspection can turn up issues or simply give you the operating instructions to your new home. I think Colorado home buyers should always have a home inspection, regardless of whether they object or not to a condition in the house.

I blogged in early January on a home buying subjects.

Now Is The New Spring

Getting your house on the market at Spring time/ Summer is the classic move to catch the market. But we are living in unique times. And when times change, the best moment to buy or sell a Boulder home can change too. Weird to say, but if you are thinking of selling, Now! is the perfect moment to get your house listed. Just ask the home buyers running into multiple offer scenarios week in and week out.

Behind the scenes, I took a class to be well prepared and knowledgeable on contract changes and discussed a smooth transaction in January. I know these suggestions work, because I listed and sold 708 Brome Place for well above asking price to start the year! I even attended the curbside closing – the new way transactions are closed in this pandemic world we live in.

boulder realtor bob gordon sipping organge juice in a dining bubble at tangerine lafayette colorado
Not every post was all work. In January we dined out, but in, taking advantage of a dining bubble at Tangerine in Lafayette Co.

Where To Live In Boulder County

A big part of real estate is knowing the lay of the land. I enjoy blogging on the various neighborhoods that make up our community. Some of these communities have greater turn over than others. So, its doubly important to be informative to potential home buyers about the communities that sell more slowly. It might be the best way for someone to learn about an amazing place to call home in Boulder.

beacon hill playground with red steps, blue slides, covered areas and plenty of space to run around
Beacon Hill is home to Autumn Ash Park. I blogged on the playground and the neighborhood in Janary.
  • Beacon Hill – Lafayette, CO single family homes near Kohl’s and 24 Hour Fitness.
  • Trails At Coal Creek (many posts on site) had their super well attended annual meeting & elected new officers.
  • Wonderland Hill Six doesn’t come up for sale very often, no wonder, what a location! That’s a 6 !!
  • Also posted about searching for clients not by a specific neighborhood, but based on schools as the criteria.
wonderland hill 6 a town house community with a big tree in foreground and the grass is brown as it is a picture in the winter with no smow

All in all, a fun month of posting and achieving my goals. There are more posts to be sure and I encourage you to check out my blog in general. If there is a subject you want to learn more about, let me know, always appreciate new ideas to post on. This is a high flying market and I look forward to being a part of your next real estate transaction.

Now, I have to run, showing property today! And it looks like it will be a beautiful day for it.

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